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brisk walking each day may help keep those numbers on the scale from creeping upward. University of Saskatchewan researchers tracked the daily activities of 401 women between the ages of 39 and 82 all of whom had gone Pink Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes

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at least a year without menstruating. The researchers discovered that 22 percent fewer of the most active women reported weight gain compared with those who exercised less than 10 minutes a day. As a bonus, the active set also experienced 44 percent fewer headaches. But you don't have to wait until menopause to start walking and reaping the benefits: Regular exercise can also relieve symptoms of PMS. Here's how to get started:

´╗┐weight gain caused

Louboutin 2018

Worried about gaining weight after menopause? A Canadian study found that just 25 minutes of Louboutin Glitter Shoes

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Louboutin 2018

Louboutin 2018

Burn More Calories with Interval Walking It's fine to take a moderate paced walk for 30 minutes a day, for four or more days per week. But if you want to burn more fat in less time, it pays to do intervals that is, alternating between brisk walking and moderate paced walking. If you're using a treadmill, you can also raise the incline level to make your workout more challenging.

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Louboutin 2018

Louboutin 2018

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Thankfully, walking doesn't require much in the way of gear. What you do need: a pair of walking shoes Louboutin 2018 that fit well and are in good shape. (After a few hundred miles, the insides of shoes wear out, so replace yours every few months.) It's also helpful to have a sports watch so you can track your time.

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