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Louboutin Womens Trainers

Louboutin Womens Trainers

one fate is uncertain.

Louboutin Womens Trainers

As Northbrook commemorates the quarter century anniversary of that classic film, construction on a new, larger water tower is nearing completion in the village's Sky Harbor Business Park. Once it's filled this fall, it will make the old tower, built in the 1950s, all but obsolete.

The village has contracts with two cellular phone service providers, whose antennas are atop the tower, Hamill said. And it could be used for additional water storage. But those alone might not be reasons enough to keep the structure around.

"We knew we were going to repaint the tower, because it needs to be repainted every 12 to 15 years, anyway" he said.

Louboutin Womens Trainers

"We don't have to put 'Save the water tower' signs up or anything," she said.

Louboutin Womens Trainers

Louboutin Womens Trainers

Louboutin Womens Trainers

Louboutin Womens Trainers

Louboutin Womens Trainers

Louboutin Womens Trainers

´╗┐water tower could disappear when new tower is complete

"What was my reaction? Another buck," he said with a laugh. "We didn't paint the whole water tower. We just painted out the sign that was there. Then we put the one for the movie on there. When the movie was over, we (painted over it)."

The tower in the North Shore suburb's downtown is famous for its appearance in the 1986 John Hughes film "Ferris Bueller's Day Off." As high schoolers in the film fretted about the health of their friend, the title Louboutin Womens Trainers character who was faking Alexander Mcqueen Show Platform Trainers

"There are ways to keep that tower up without having it on the (water) system," said Kelly Hamill, Northbrook's director of public works. However, that might not be the best option.

Then, when the old tower is emptied, tests will be performed to determine whether it is structurally sound.

The new, unfinished Northbrook water tower stands above a warehouse in the Sky Harbor Business Park. (Jeff Danna, Tribune reporter)

"Save Ferris" was only on the tower briefly. Within a few days, the painters had covered it up, Sullivan said. He added that he's seen the movie and that his company's handiwork is only visible for a moment.

Louboutin Womens Trainers

Ken Gardner, utilities superintendent for Northbrook, was working for the village in the 1980s when director Hughes' film crew asked the village if "Save Ferris" could be written on the tower. Gardner saw an opportunity for Northbrook beyond being part of a major motion picture.

Village officials still have a few months to make a decision, though. The new tower is erect, but contractors must still do work on its electrical system and valve room, Hamill said. Plus, it must be painted and slowly filled with water. Hamill expects that to be completed in October.

black letters on the tower's bulb.

Twenty five years after the Northbrook water tower urged people to "Save Ferris," a new water tower is nearing completion and the old Alexander Mcqueen Shoes Price

Hamill noted that the new tower is double the size of the old one and would help increase water pressure in the homes of thousands of Northbrook residents. And even though the old tower carries sentimental value, some people don't mind if it's sacrificed.

"Apparently there are some people with water pressure issues, and I have to say, water pressure trumps Ferris Bueller," said Northbrook resident Rachel Tzinberg, who grew up in Wilmette.

an illness to play hooky, they emblazoned the iconic words "Save Ferris" in Manolo Blahnik Mary Jane Price

The village, Gardner said, was paid for the use of the tower and got its water tower partially repainted after the shoot. Craftsman Painting Service in Midlothian was the company that got the job.

Owner Jack Sullivan, who has since retired, said he remembers getting the call to paint "Save Ferris" on the tower for the movie.

If it remains standing, it would still have to be maintained and painted, which costs $250,000 to $350,000 approximately every 12 years, Hamill said. Even though there would be costs of tearing it down, he added, they would be offset by the sale of the scrap metal.

Lifelong Northbrook resident Jules Lloyd agreed. Film buffs and die hard "Ferris Bueller" fans might be disappointed it it's eventually demolished, but she said the village needs to do what's best for residents.

Louboutin Womens Trainers

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