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Louboutin Zoulou

In early surveys, women were less likely to express pre wedding doubts (38% vs. 47% of men) but proved to be better arbiters of trouble ahead.

Louboutin Zoulou

In couples where both had doubts, one fifth split up.

To marry or not to marry? Science has the answer.

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Louboutin Zoulou

Louboutin Zoulou

Louboutin Zoulou

The researchers accounted for other factors like whether subjects' parents were divorced and whether the couple lived together first.

464 newlyweds (232 couples) in the first few months of marriage and then every six months for four years.

Louboutin Zoulou

Louboutin Zoulou

´╗┐wedding jitters a warning sign

Louboutin Zoulou

Among women, 19% of those with misgivings were divorced within four years double the number of those who didn't report having doubts. Among men, 14% of nervous newlyweds were divorced, compared to 9% of husbands who hadn't experienced cold feet.

He and his fellow psychologists Christian Louboutin New Shoes

anything, problems are more likely to escalate."

When neither the bride nor the groom had doubts about getting married 36% Louboutin Zoulou of couples in the study just 6% ended up divorced.

Louboutin Zoulou

Louboutin Zoulou

Louboutin Zoulou

"Do not assume your doubts will just go away or that love is enough to overpower your concerns," Lavner said. "There's no evidence that problems in a marriage just go away and get better. If Gold Christian Louboutin Pumps

Pre wedding jitters are not harmless but are a warning sign of impending marital strife and eventual divorce, according to a study out of UCLA.

Louboutin Zoulou

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