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Podjasek was more modest. He said he doesn believe The Glenview House re opening would start a wave of new investment, but could play a role in luring more people downtown, which has been overshadowed by The Glen Town Center in recent years. But people are realizing there more to the village than that newer development to the north, Podjasek said.

Two men walked into The Glenview House bar around noon on a recent day, looking for a meal and a cold beer.

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Christian Louboutin Purple Pumps

Since it opened, the bar has been a popular gathering spot. In the early days, farmers would congregate to share the latest news and gossip, Dawson said.

it stands now, it wow really authentic, Dawson said. person who walked in 100 years ago would feel right at home.

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Watering hole makeover plan gets mixed reaction

going to be a restaurant concept that is unmatched anywhere else downtown, said Ellen Dean, the village's economic development coordinator. of all, it going to be in a building that has a lot of history. the years, Glenview lost some of its most historic downtown structures, including one that stood across the street from The Glenview House, and the reuse of any old building near the train station causes residents to take notice.

First, they missed an opportunity to generate some goodwill in a formal farewell, if you will, inviting people to come to the hurrah Oh well, not my bar.

giving it a rebirth so it can be around another 132 years, he said. still going to have the warmth.

quality food and a local watering hole.

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Over the years, locals continued to make The Glenview House their tavern of choice, flooding out onto the front porch when the weather warmed. Its closure for renovations is a disappointment for people who traditionally walk over after the Memorial Day parade, Dawson said.

place was getting expensive as it is, he said. it up, make it look nice, but don change too much.

haven been here probably in a good 10 years, said Vernon Hills resident Ed Maslanka, who was in town selling collectible coins when he decided to stop in. lived close by. There was a ring of bars we would go to.

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Friday nights, it where the working man would go, Dawson said. would go back and forth between The Glenview House and Grandpa [a bar within walking distance].

The Glenview House has remained unchanged for so long that its new image as a gastro pub, a bar that's about quality food as much as quality beer, could turn away longtime patrons. Already there's a Facebook page titled The Glenview House, which as of May 27 had 267 fans.

When Schmidt mentioned that he would Christian Louboutin Purple Suede Shoes

Christian Louboutin Purple Pumps

They didn realize the bar was closed for renovations until next spring.

The plans have excited some, while a new Facebook page wants to save it pretty much as is.

By Jeff DannaAs a Glenview resident for 49 years, I have an interest in the changes to Louboutin Trainers

Morton Grove resident and a bar regular, Tom Schmidt walked in shortly after Maslanka and said he probably would return when the place re opened. But he was concerned about the prices.

Christian Louboutin Purple Pumps

Christian Louboutin Purple Pumps

Like Christian Louboutin Purple Pumps Dean, Podjasek is hoping the renovated bar will be a boon to downtown. He said he hopes that it becomes not only a destination for Glenview residents, but also for people from surrounding communities. While The Glenview House has proven to be a popular after work destination for regulars, she said, the renovation could bring new people to downtown and spur more development.

Second, I heard one local jawflapper say it was going to be opened and named, Gastric Pub! That received rolled eyes, but I am a skeptic so I googled that phrase. There is no ONE definition but It is a generic term for a pub, not the name of it, that stresses, Manolo Blahnik Pumps Polyvore

At a recent , Glenview resident Stephen Podjasek and his step brother, Mike Canning, announced they had purchased the bar with the intention of renovating it and revamping the menu and drink list.

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It remained a blue collar destination even in recent years.

the Glenview House. It has always been a great spot. A little rough around the edges occasionally but a great spot. As I begin to hear the rumors floating, no racing, around town, I began to wonder who and what is behind the new owners.

of us timers, that have patronized The Glenview House for 30, 40, and even 50 plus years would like it to remain a Tavern as it has been for 132 years, the page moderator wrote. renovate the womens bathroom, we welcome that as well as any other necessary repairs. Forget upscale, keep it. jeans and T shirts, baseball players and Harley riders and most of all Blue collar workers.

think regulars and people who always came in here are rightfully disappointed and concerned about the change, Podjasek said. once they see what the final product is, they will be as excited about it as I am.

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But The Glenview House isn an ordinary building. Built in the 1870s, it is one of the village's oldest buildings and the bar itself is the oldest surviving business in the village, said Beverly Dawson, past president and librarian of the Glenview History Center.

Podjasek said that while he does intend to change the menu and some aspects of the bar, residents local watering hole isn going anywhere. He and Canning intend to be sensitive to the historic character and refurbish rather than replace where possible.

like to see new, more comfortable barstools, Podjasek told him he had just spoken with the architect about bringing in fresh, sturdy chairs with comfortable backs.

The Glenview House was historically the bar of the worker, Dawson said. When it was one of the few establishments, businessmen traveling along the neighboring railroad would stop for a drink and possibly stay in the hotel upstairs which doubled as a brothel. During the Great Depression, the bar served 5 cent beers and offered a buffet.

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