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Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

He'd slipped over the line from hard nosed to incendiary in an episode that will always brand him.

senator from Connecticut.

And his 2002 complaint that tougher airport screenings after the Sept. 11 terrorist attacks signaled that "I guess it's OK to wand rape someone's daughter in public."

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

LaPierre has been richly rewarded for his efforts: NRA tax returns show he earned $835,000 in salary and $126,000 in other compensation in 2010.

Even some NRA members were aghast. Former President George W. Bush very publicly quit the group. LaPierre at first defended the letter then offered a qualified apology.

In fact, a Washington Post/ABC News poll conducted in January found that 55 percent of Americans said they would support a law "placing an armed guard in every school in the country."

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

That's right, the National Rifle Association's fire breathing defender of gun rights is more academic than marksman.

"It's about banning your guns . PERIOD!" LaPierre wrote in a January email to the NRA's 4 million plus members.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

Along the way, says Josh Sugarman, head of the pro gun control Violence Policy Center, LaPierre's tenure has been marked by a willingness to push the envelope with over the top language that casts the government as the enemy and stokes "fear driven paranoia."

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

In the weeks since Newtown, LaPierre has been the ever present public face of gun rights forces, shuttling between speeches, hearing rooms and TV studios to forcefully reject proposals for tighter gun controls as misguided ideas that will do nothing to stop criminals and everything to tangle law abiding citizens in a bureaucratic nightmare.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

How does all of that square with LaPierre's combative reputation?

"Call me crazy," LaPierre retorted on NBC's "Meet the Press." ''I think the American people think it's crazy not to do it," referring to armed school guards.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

The NRA's website describes LaPierre as "a skilled hunter, from Chesapeake waterfowl to African Cape buffalo." Online, there are lots of suit and tie photos of LaPierre, and a couple of hunting shots, including a picture of him next to a downed buffalo in Botswana.

Aquilino says he once asked LaPierre what he wanted to do eventually and was told, "To tell the truth, I'd like to run an ice cream parlor in Maine."

Or, as LaPierre himself put it in a 2000 interview: "When I used less strong Louboutin Men Outlet Uk

There was his 1995 reference to federal law enforcement agents as "jack booted government thugs." (He later apologized.)

A week after the December school shooting in Newtown, Conn., LaPierre gave a fiery speech calling for armed guards in every school. He blamed violence on a culture that celebrates gory video games and "blood soaked slasher films" and rewards killers with fame.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

Aquilino, the former NRA spokesman, remembers his former colleague oversleeping and missing a golf outing with Vice President Dan Quayle. Leaving a trail of dropped notebooks and papers on the path from his office to a cab. Sitting head in hands in an airport terminal, unable to remember what flight he was booked on.

Jimmy Carter was Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore president when LaPierre first went to work for the NRA in 1977, and for the past 22 years LaPierre has been the organization's executive vice president, steering it through a transformation from a clubby marksmanship group into a political movement adept at beating back efforts to tighten firearms regulations.

´╗┐Wayne LaPierre 'policy wonk' with megaphone

"Gun nut!" the New York Post screamed on its front page.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

"A policy wonk," says Joseph Tartaro, president of the pro gun Second Amendment Foundation. "He is more professorial than you would think."

A professor, that is, with a million dollar megaphone and a well honed ability to dish apocalyptic warnings about a tyrannical government angling to grab people's firearms.

By those standards, his words have been generally more measured since. But when LaPierre speaks, those who watch him wonder what undercurrents he's tapping.

"Wayne is a Washington type person," says John Aquilino, a former NRA spokesman who worked with LaPierre. "He is best characterized as an absent minded professor."

For decades, LaPierre, 63, has been serving up heated us vs. them rhetoric to rally the NRA faithful. Usually it works; sometimes it backfires.

"The most revolting, tone deaf statement I've ever seen," tweeted then Rep. Chris Murphy, now a Democratic Louboutin Akenana

who's a little scattered.

And his 2000 declaration that President Bill Clinton was "willing to accept a certain level of killing to further his political agenda." (No apology.)

For all of LaPierre's tough talk, friends and former colleagues describe a soft spoken man Louboutin Over The Knee Boots

words for the last three years, everyone dozed off."

No one snoozed in 1995 when LaPierre signed an NRA fundraising letter that accused the Clinton administration of empowering police to "murder law abiding citizens" at will and described the ban on semi automatic weapons as a law giving "jack booted government thugs more power to take away our constitutional rights, break in our doors, seize our guns, destroy our property, and even injure or kill us."

"It's all done on purpose," says Grover Norquist, an anti tax crusader and member of the NRA's board. "It's hard to say: 'The Second Amendment's in danger' and say it in a shy, soft spoken way."

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Polyvore

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