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Not reaching target

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We were told by the alliance that there would be no "sacred cows" and all aspects of the company would be looked at to save money.

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ahead is join Nissan unionJoin union at Nissa before it's too late

At the moment the only people to be hit in the pocket and lose jobs are shift, production and office workers. Management who have very generous pay and benefits , have not been touched.

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I believe Nissan won't be happy until that the vast majority of people who work here are low paid agency workers.

Government ministers have been quick to demand improvement to the disappointing figures but it was they who encouraged schools to push vocational subjects in the first place and so they are to blame.

AGAIN animal cruelty hits the region. This was an absolutely disgusting, shocking and uncalled for neglect of animal cruelty that was in Friday, January 5 edition of the Echo.

A majority of people who work for Nissan are now from agencies which saves costs and any new employee now takes 16 years to get to the top of Christian Louboutin Teal

Christian Louboutin Grey Sneakers

Departments throughout Nissan have had to lose a percentage of people or the department has been outsourced. The departments that have been or are due to be outsourced are purchasing, finance, personnel, fleet, training, payroll and information technology (all jobs lost to Eastern Europe or India) and it's not over yet.

I and many others who work for Nissan are uncomfortable with the idea that it is people who work for the company (and therefore owe their loyalty to the company), and not an independent body Amicus, the union, which negotiates our pay deals. Since the Renault Nissan alliance in 1999 pay and benefits have been eroded by Nissan.

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´╗┐We need union to negotiate for usOnly way Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Blue

Achievement in these two subjects is a crucial element in a well rounded education which has been masked by the rise of vocational subjects which are often considered easier to pass.

Mrs Makin,

It was decided that it was a conflict of interest to have union members on the company council and that it gave out the wrong message when a union member on the council has to put over the final negotiated agreement to the workforce that all six union members handed in their resignation. This would have left many departments without any representation. Nissan was unhappy with this and threatened them with instant dismissal .

Adjusted results for this city reveal a third of pupils gaining five GCSEs at grade A C when the two most important subjects are included, leaving two thirds of pupils failing to reach the target after five years at secondary school.

The figures place below most of the North East and lower than the rest of the country where 45 per cent of pupils make the grades.

Christian Louboutin Grey Sneakers

To prevent further erosion of staff pay pensions, medical cover and job security the only way ahead is to allow Amicus to negociate on our behalf. I urge all Nissan staff to join the union before it's to late.

Surely a good understanding of numeracy and literacy would be of greater benefit for pupils interested in travel and tourism; giving them the core skills to which a vocational aspect could be added later.

I could not believe my eyes yet again. A 10 year horse ban for this couple and a fine, then the poor RSPCA have to pick up the pieces again using money from contributions people give.

Christian Louboutin Grey Sneakers

I cannot think of one vocational subject for which pupils would not be better off with mathematics and English.

What happened about this new cruelty to animals law ? It's like everything thing else in this country, too easy.

Christian Louboutin Grey Sneakers

schools Christian Louboutin Grey Sneakers to improve their places in league tables.

Christian Louboutin Grey Sneakers

It is hardly surprising that teachers and pupils are favouring vocational subjects. Every year Government targets put more pressure on Christian Louboutin Sneakers White

MANY Conservatives support the Government's belated inclusion of mathematics and English in the five good grades needed at GCSE.

FOR 20 years the company council has negotiated pay deals for Nissan workers. The council has 10 elected reps and is a toothless tiger (known to some as "the company's council").

Employers are recognising this too. Ford now insists its trainees have English and mathematics for its technical apprenticeship. So pupils may find doors closing rather than opening when they emerge with a fistful of good grades in unwanted subjects.

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his wage band and starts on 15 per cent less than previous employees.

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