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Richardson said he expected a call back soon to find out those details, and that a meeting with the contractor is scheduled for next Wednesday to determine a time table and other information.

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Culley said it was important for the town to appoint at least an interim town administrator, because so much of its personnel manual mentioned the administrator as the person making decisions.

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The Wiggins Board of Trustees was Christian Louboutin Black Heels With Spikes

Richardson has been handling the public works portion of the administrator's job since the last administrator resigned in the fall.

section, the trustees said. However, the US Department of Agriculture wants the town to use that contractor to finish up the job, and the agency is overseeing the project because it provided a grant and loan to make the water project possible.

They also discussed a promotional event for the town, certification of the town flood levy, a possible grant to help pay for upgrades to town ball fields, replacement of a town pickup, replacement of the town prosecutor and employee overtime compensation.

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´╗┐Water project cost takes Wiggins board aback

The contractor who built the rest of the pipeline submitted an estimate of almost $180,000 to put a section of the pipe through a culvert at the town flood levee, trustee said during a meeting Wednesday.

more than the final cost, and requested costs broken down by the number of hours and the cost for materials before deciding whether or not to approve the bid.

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He agreed to take the position temporarily.

Also, if the town went to an open bid, it might cause warranty problems, said Jon Richardson, public works director, who was appointed the new interim town administrator at the meeting.

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"Our main push right now is to get water into town by this spring," Leon said.

Wiggins Town Attorney Melinda Culley said the town night want to get the project done before arguing over the price, because that could delay the project even further.

Wiggins police officers had requested overtime or compensation time for all the hours they work outside their normal schedule at a board meeting last week.

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That seemed like a lot of money for a small Christian Louboutin Crystal Pumps

The board could change the policy or start having officers clock in so the town could track the hours, she said.

Culley reported that the federal Fair Labor Standards Act has an exemption for the employees of public agencies when municipalities have fewer than five police officers. That means the town does not have to pay overtime or give compensation hours when officers work overtime.

This shows that the board really needs to go through the personnel manual, Leon said.

Dilka said that schedules were flexible enough in the past that if a person worked three solid days on busting and dealing with a methamphetamine lab, he could take some time off.

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In fact, officers are required to do the necessary work without extra pay, she said.

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People noticed a pickup burning on Main Street in Wiggins recently and it turned out to be one of the town pickups. When he was done, he put the equipment in the bed of the truck and went to the front porch of the home.

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The trustees said they wanted to see Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes Price

In the past, boards have said that they wanted to pay for the actual hours officers worked, said Wiggins Police Chief Leroy Dilka.

Officer Les Jacobs mentioned that he had worked on his day off for the past two weeks.

Most of the contractors crews are probably working elsewhere by now, and will have to come back to do the work, said Mayor Margarito "Mac" Leon Jr.

Some trustees wondered if Industrial Manolo Blahnik Flats Pink Facilities Engineering, which is overseeing and planning the project, should pay for part of that cost, since it had designed that section incorrectly.

Trustee Karol Kopetzky said she often has to work on her weekends and does not receive overtime.

Wiggins' personnel policy allows the town administrator to give offices some administrative time off if the administrator believes they are working too many hours, Culley said.

taken aback by the almost $180,000 cost to finish the new water pipeline which will bring new water to the town.

Trustees mentioned that officers do not always work solid stretches of hours, and that should make up for the overtime. They said they were concerned that the town would have to pay extra to find someone to fill in for the officers if compensation time were offered.

That person could make decisions until the board decides if it wants to hire an administrator or not, she said.

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