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to stay on as long as possible."

As part of the deal with the radio station, Wright will be allowed to broadcast one minute Christian Louboutin Flip Flops political ads 18 times a day on weekdays, and 12 times on the weekends, up to the first weekend of October.

´╗┐Wausau Radio Station To Give Democratic Assembly Candidate Free Air Alexander Mcqueen Platform Sneakers Sale

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Wright free air time.

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Midwest Communication Operations Manager, Chris Conley says, "Any candidate can claim equal time if a broadcaster has their opponent on air. Its unusual, most candidates resign immediately so they can focus but pat wanted Christian Louboutin New

Meanwhile, Jim Mass, the Libertarian candidate in the race, will not receive any air time. That's because he didn't file the request within seven days of Snyder's last day on air.

A Wausau radio station is being forced to give Democratic assembly candidate Mandy Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes For Sale

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops


Midwest communications, which owns WSAU radio, would not say what 330 ads is worth. But managers do admit they're losing the money they would make from advertisers.

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Pat Snyder, a conservative radio show host, stayed on air after he began campaigning. The Federal Equal Airtime Law says after a candidate wins the primary election, they are allowed to request equal time. Since Snyder was on air the entire month of August, Wright made the request for equal time.

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

Christian Louboutin Flip Flops

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