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Wisconsin of Christian Louboutin Man 21. Unfortunately with still the summer and early fall seasons to go, that number will likely climb higher.

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Christian Louboutin Man

´╗┐What a Difference a Year Makes

of reports of hail, wind damage and many tornadoes, including the infamous date of June 7th. As of last check through June 16th approximately 24 twisters have touched down, which puts us above the yearly average for

through the middle of June. Last year at this time Rhinelander was running a deficit around 1 inch and

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Christian Louboutin Man

Wausau a little over 4 below average.

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Christian Louboutin Man

Wisconsin . This pile at one time during the heart of the winter months rose as high as 40 feet thanks to all of the plows pushing it into this one location. I not sure if there is a record for the last sightings of snow, but this would certainly be notable to say the least. Interestingly enough here in Wausau, the last bit of snow on Granite Peak usually melts anywhere from late May to the first couple weeks of June that at an elevation over 1500 feet. Needless to say with the recent heavy rain, that dirty patch of snow in

Christian Louboutin Man

Wausau in 2007 there were 20 days that reached the 70s, 17 days in the 80s, and 1 day in the 90s. This year we have had exactly the same number of 70 degree days (through 6/16), but only 1 day in the 80s and none in the 90s. Many would probably be glad to let the air conditioners rest a little longer, but for those that like to see their gardens in bloom or for the farmer crops, it has been a slow start to the warm season thus far. Good news however when it comes to precipitation through this point in the year as both Rhinelander and Wausau are running a surplus of +1.17 and +2.59 respectfully Christian Louboutin Black Pumps

Milwaukee is long gone.

Christian Louboutin Man

once again during the first two weeks of June with plenty Christian Louboutin Red Men

Christian Louboutin Man

One constant when it comes to the weather in the state is that severe weather hit Manolo Blahnik Shoes Blue

Christian Louboutin Man

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