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Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

Utter also stressed the importance of finding participants who are willing to be interviewed about their lives and the lives of family members who may have lived in Waterford before them.

The research into Waterford's Irish comes at a time when the museum is struggling to maintain services and has been forced to cut back on staffing as it struggles to reduce costs. The financial constraints have already led to Utter seeing his hours reduced for the first time since taking the helm as director. The budget cuts are not expected to affect the Irish exhibit nor the research for it, the latter of which is funded by a special state grant. Museum supporters are hopeful an injection of additional funding will reverse the reduction in its other services.

"Are you of Irish descent? Has your family been in Waterford for multiple generations or did you immigrate to Waterford? If so, we want to speak to you," Utter said. "Help us write the history of Waterford's Irish."

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

´╗┐Waterford Museum conducting research about town's Irish heritage

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

and helped to shape the community.

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

They came to the Capital District in such Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers large numbers that even now the descendents of Irish immigrants are considered one of the largest ethnic groups in the entire region. However, despite their large presence in this area, surprisingly little is known about the specific experience that Irish immigrants had as they made their way to Waterford Christian Louboutin Mens Blue

The lack of detailed information has made the study of the Irish experience an important topic for study and is drawing the interest of the Waterford Museum and Cultural Center, a unique institution that has been examining the experience of several key groups of European immigrants who had a tremendous impact upon Waterford. Christian Louboutin Crystal Heels

Noting that the research is part of a broader project that has been great fun to conduct and revealed a treasure trove of new information, Brad L. Utter, the museum's director, is encouraging those of Irish heritage to get involved.

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

WATERFORD Christian Louboutin Burgundy Heels

Gathering information that will be part of an exhibit slated for the upcoming spring, the museum has already started to conduct interviews with volunteers who are shedding light on what life was like decades ago. So far, the research has even led to discussions with someone who lives in Waterford, Ireland.

"This promises to be a fun project and we need your help," Utter said in referring to potential participants.

Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers

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