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circulated, a "Keep Geoff Fox on Channel 8" page was created on Facebook; it had 8,752 "likes" as of Thursday morning, and a petition circulated there to "Save Geoff Fox WTNH 8 Meteorologist" has been "signed" online by 2,762 people.

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page, meanwhile, George Bepko wrote, "No Geoff makes News 8 = Snooz 8 ba bye."

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´╗┐Weathering News 8's 'Geoff Fox controversy'

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The letter promised a campaign to deprive WTNH of viewers, lean on sponsors to join a boycott and hold a photo op protest at WTNH complete with marchers and signs.

But that's not the issue. On Facebook, Art Tonucci wrote that it's really not about "the OTHER weather guys. it's about WTNH management NOT IN TOUCH with their audience."

He gave credit to his parents (married 63 years) and his wife, Helaine, and said he expects to be on air until the end of February.

Darlene Zawisza was one of several to write that she was taking her business elsewhere: "I ALWAYS watch WTNH News 8 . but I must confess that I have watched WVIT since last night and all day (on my snow day off). I feel guilty and that it's not fair to the others on WTNH I consider my 'news familiy,' but a viewer has to do what a viewer has to do."

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Larry Walker joked that ". Bombogenesis is a term to describe a unique phenomenon to a TV station's ratings when their best weatherman is not rehired." (Bombogenesis is actually a weather term that applied to this week's huge snowfall.)

With newly hired WTNH weather guy Steve Villanueva, veteran Gil Simmons and venerable Dr. Mel Goldstein handling the duties this week, a couple of weather systems converged to dump two FEET of snow on much of the state.

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Some of the comments online inevitably turned to other personalities, with some viewers veering off into their opinions of Simmons, Villanueva or even the new traffic reporter Teresa LaBarbera. (It's possible that WTNH was ill served to have LaBarbera wear the dress she wore on her first day. At least that's what women tell me.)

"No one could have expected this outpouring," Fox said in an e mail this week from Florida, where he went this week on a pre planned vacation to visit family. (He was also going to California.) "I am touched to my core. I am humbled. It is surreal."

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A has come up with a spinoff of "Intervention" (from the same producer) called "Relapse." I guess that figures.

I really like the ride along view from this thing, which is a specially equipped Dodge Durango SUV inspired by the chase vehicles on "Storm Chasers." I'm not sure it will get much use, but the other day I watched online as Simmons and another staffer drove down Interstate 95 in Fairfield County chasing a report of . snow. Not because it was compelling television. Just because it was live action. ("Honey, look at this, they just stopped for gas at a rest area! And Gil's out of the truck!")

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RELATED: Fans raise hail over WTNH decision

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WVIT's morning anchor Yvonne Nava recently returned to work after maternity leave. She gave birth to a boy in late October.

As the biggest local personality to be fired in the social media era, Geoff Fox is the focus of thousands of tweets, clicks, posts and e mails today, some bemoaning his absence during the big storm. And there have been scores of old media Cheap Christian Louboutin Uk phone calls and letters flying around, too. Sen. Dick Blumenthal.

Fox, from Florida, wrote of his gratitude to supporters, including a woman who wrote him a nice note on the plane on an air sickness bag.

We intently watched as one storm slipped out to sea in late December, then we were hit by a blizzard Dec. 26 and a "Norlun instability trough" a week later that dropped another 10 inches on parts of the area.

The biggest storm of the new year hit WTNH when GM Mark Higgins informed enthusiastic weather anchor Geoff Fox that his job was kaput after Feb. 28. We broke that story on Twitter an hour or so later, and the web and newpaper versions sparked a fire of reaction about the New Haven icon.

David Armstrong wrote that "Fox news (WTIC) should hire him right away! How cool would it be to hear 'and now stay tuned for Fox on Fox'?"

At WTIC (Fox CT), Rachel Frank was promoted to weeknight weather anchor over Garrett Argianas.

clear station officials could have handled it better. (Then again, one of the changes at WTNH was News Director Kirk Varner leaving in December, and a permanent replacement has not been announced.)

Life and news go on at WTNH, meanwhile, which was showing storm coverage Wednesday from the perspective of Kent Pierce, driving around in the "Skymax Mobile Weather Lab." His video during the storm of a truck tailgating some plows on the highway is on YouTube under "Driving While Stupid."

"I have been reminded again and again from people whose table I'd visited at a restaurant or with whom I'd posed for a picture. People whose question I answered when they were in school 25 years ago . You're told this stuff is important, but it's easy to forget. I have not been perfect in this regard, but as it turns out I've touched lots of families."

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One woman called me to say that Geoff was always careful to advise folks to "let your animals in" or "watch your children" during severe weather. "I feel as if I know him; he is very caring," she said, stifling a sob.

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Ah, tecnhology, something that (through blog, Twitter and Facebook) is also helping tech savvy, regular guy Geoff Fox deal with his employer's rejection after years of well compensated service.

Higgins would not comment on axing Fox, but it's Alexander Mcqueen Oversized Trainers

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