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The mandatory water restrictions are necessary to Gold Christian Louboutin Shoes

don hoard water. We not running out, said Johnson. if everyone can cut their water Blue Christian Louboutin Mens

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´╗┐Water restrictions remain in place

allow the system to replenish while the pipe is repaired. Repairs could take days to complete, and northbound traffic on Connecticut Avenue will be affected for the duration.

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Once the pipe is repaired, then, the wide and deep crater left on the busy Connecticut Ave. must once again be turned into a road. Traffic in the area has been 2017 Christian Louboutin yet another added nuisance and headache. The good news, however, is that one lane has been reopened on Connecticut Ave. on Monday. The water main was installed in 1980 and is the sort of pipe WSSC has had a problem with for years. Engineers blame premature corrosion for the break. Fortunately, few homes lost water pressure. But mandatory water restrictions are in place because of the loss of so much stored Christian Louboutin Mens Spiked

Other utilities were also affected by the water main break. Natural gas and electric lines run alongside the water main. Employees from Washington Gas and PEPCO are at the site securing those lines so work on the water main can begin.

Washington Suburban Sanitary Commission (WSSC) General Manager Jerry Johnson Tuesday called for the mandatory water restrictions, which could last up to a week.

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use by 10 percent we should be ok. We appreciate everyone's understanding and cooperation."

got to go to my relative's house to shower," he added.

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An aging 60 inch pipe ruptured Monday night, sending a geyser several stories high. For over nearly five hours, it pumped some 60 million gallons of water out ripple effect that brought down a huge tree, taking down power lines.

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