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body in space, in addition to enjoying the fruits of his labor. "We made a model of DNA with candy, and we got to eat it afterwards. and is filled with different types of science activities. Today's theme was space, and was kicked off by a discussion about NASA's science rover Curiosity that just landed on Mars. The campers were looking forward to getting to build their own rocket ships later in the week. "We are constantly reminded of how smart kids really are," said George Penney, Nigel Penney's 18 year old son and also the camp's manager.

In a classroom on the second floor of Westmount High School, microscopes, jars of formaldehyde containing dissected frogs and other oddities, and a life size replica of a human torso displaying the digestive tract collect dust. The high school kids may be out for the summer, but on this hot summer August day a dozen 11 13 year olds sit, enchanted, listening to Shu Yang Hu of the Canadian Space Agency discuss the effects of micro gravity on human physiology. Welcome to Nigel Penney's Westmount Science Camp.

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Student Danny Zhang

Christian Louboutin Mens Black

Penney has seen 50 campers between the ages of 6 13 in the camp's first installment. "We want to run science camps for years to come," he said. This year, the kids were split into three age groups (6 7, 8 10 and 11 13 year olds), and sessions ran one age group at a time so that the activities could be more focused. With three to four counselors for each section, capped at 24 kids, this low ratio ensured more one on one attention.

Currently in its first year, the camp has partnered with a number of institutions such as Westmount High School, the City of Westmount, McGill University, Concordia University, and the Montreal Neurological Institute to bring science directly to the kids, and to help spark their curiosity about the world in which we live.

Hu holds the kids' complete attention as she asks questions like, "Does the headward fluid shift affect cardiac output during periods of exercise?" and touches on subjects such as whether female astronauts are more prone to fainting, and whether the heart's stroke volume has anything to do with noise.

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"Our main objective is really to inspire the kids to turn them on to something and make them want to stay in science over the long term," said Penney, Christian Louboutin Silver Sneakers

Coming to the end of its sixth and final week, Louboutin Apostrophy

´╗┐Westmount Science Camp sparks kids' curiosity

Christian Louboutin Mens Black

"The feedback has been truly outstanding. His favourite part about the experience? "It's just got to be the kids' reactions. Occasionally when you see that light turn on inside of them, you know it will stay on."

"We made a model of DNA with candy, and we got to eat it afterwards. It was delicious!"

"Last week we learned about neurology and different sections of brain control we did forensics, which was really fun, and we've done a lot of things in between," said 12 year old Jasmine Parsons. Thirteen year old Danny Zhang enjoyed learning about circulation inside the Louboutin White

With degrees in chemistry, physics, Christian Louboutin Mens Black and computer science, Penney decided that he wanted to give something back to the community at the age of 55, adding that the drop out rate in schools and, in particular, of science programs really bugged him. "I thought, what can I do? So, the idea of science camp was born."

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Each two week session includes a field trip to McGill, where the kids visit the Redpath Museum, check out cars that students have built from the ground up, meet up with world renowned professors Dr. Joe Schwartz and Dr. Ariel Fenster to do chemistry tricks, and learn about mining by mining the chocolate chips out of chocolate chip cookies using small tools.

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a Westmount native and the day camp's director, whose passion for science is obvious and infectious. "We want scientists to talk about what they actually do a day in the life of a real scientist."

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Christian Louboutin Mens Black

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