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The water smart program included the residential trials and surveys to research methods to influence positive changes in residential water use behaviour, community education and awareness of water use, and a display garden demonstrating efficient water use for the Townsville climate.

Research for the program was carried out through the Natural Edge Project, with input from the Adelaide University and Queensland University of Technology.

for everyone if we use water much more wisely and our water resource well into the future.''

"The water smart program has been highly valuable in providing the science and establishing the framework to promote water and water saving practices around the garden.

"We don't want people to turn off their taps, but with Townsville growing at a rate there Alexander Mcqueen Trainers Mens

The program was funded by a State Government subsidy and Townsville Water. The water conservation project was implemented by council's Integrated Sustainability Services department.

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is an economic and social benefit Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes

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He said the trail had shown that simple changes to irrigation methods significantly reduced Townsville's high outdoor water use.

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Townsville City Council has released findings of its water conservation trial and now hopes to extend the initiative to households across the city.

The trials were part of the council's long running Dry Tropics Water Smart: Residential Outdoor Water Conservation program which ended in June.

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"Keeping Townsville green in a predominantly dry climate is the reason the city has a higher outdoor use of water than many other areas.

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Trials also found that reducing automatic watering three times to twice a week and promoting the use of low flow manual sprinklers cut water use by up to 10 per cent.

Deputy Mayor Cr Vern Veitch Christian Louboutin Kitten Heels

"A huge effort has gone into the greening of Townsville over the past 20 years and that's something we want to continue to encourage but with smarter watering habits," Cr Veitch said.

said the program would be used to help White Christian Louboutin Heels strategies for the long term security of water in Townsville where around 70 per cent of the average 500 kilolitres of annual residential water consumption is used outdoors on gardens and lawns.

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´╗┐Waterwise habits smart even in the wet season

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