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Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

wrote that the community has advised that Dr. Tanis Secerbegovic will not be returning after maternity Manolo Blahnik Pumps Price

leave if there is not another resident physician working in the community.

is medical, but there also knowing the person and the community as well, root causes of why maybe certain things are the way they are. (Secerbegovic) has a beautiful understanding of that because after 40 years here he knows everybody. The committee will include representation from community members, the town, the Yukon Medical Association and the Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Bride

Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

Watson Lake also has a recently completed hospital with its own clinic and 24 hour emergency services.

´╗┐Watson Lake faces doctor shortage

The Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black government recruitment officer, who is in charge of attracting doctors to the territory, is responsible for promoting the territory overall and not to fill specific vacancies in privately owned clinics, Graham said.

you went to Parhellion on a day that Said in town, it wall to wall in there. My understanding is that on a lot of nights he works until 10 at night just to catch up on the case load. Durocher said he doesn want to criticize the quality of doctors coming to Watson Lake.

The News could not reach either of the doctors in time for today story.

After working in the community for decades, the elder Secerbegovic placed himself on the locum list and is now working part time. His current contract runs out at the end of the year.

will leave Watson Lake with no resident doctors. Furthermore, it also leaves in question the future of clinical services for the community. In an interview with the News this week, Durocher said not having a consistent doctor has been difficult for residents.

making the community really nervous that you have a locum come in, handle your file and then you never see them again, he said.

a huge concern for us because we believe at any time the best solution is to have resident doctors, Graham said in an interview. when we have a medical facility like we do in Watson Lake that needs to be staffed 24 hours a day. It a huge problem. Two local doctors, Dr. Said Secerbegovic and his daughter Dr. Tanis Secerbegovic, who both worked out of the Parhellion Clinic, were until recently serving the community full time.

Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

Watson Lake Mayor Richard Durocher laid out his community concerns in a letter to the health minister earlier this month and called for such a committee to be formed. He Louboutin Heels Black

Dr. Tanis Secerbegovic recently gave birth and also put herself on the locum list.

The mayor described what it is like at the clinic when the elder Dr. Secerbegovic is working.

That means no full time doctors are living in the community.

Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

we attempting to do is recruit doctors to the territory, to recruit doctors to Watson Lake, but not to a specific clinic. Graham said the hospital needs at least three resident doctors, that hospital needs 24 hours a day, seven days a week coverage, and you simply can do that with two people. It would be extremely difficult. Graham said the committee should be up and running in very short period of time, I hope. Contact Ashley Joannou at

health department, said Graham.

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Christian Louboutin Mens Trainers Black

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