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Western Springs resident Elaine Konkel was walking around pain free just days after undergoing a hip replacement using the new, less invasive Direct Anterior Approach. Her surgeon, Dr. Steven Louis, is one of a few in the Chicago area performing this highly successful procedure which has put more than 100 of his patients with hip pain back to their pre pain lifestyles in a Louboutin Trainers Red fraction of the time of traditional hip replacement.

operates at Good Samaritan Hospital, and scheduled surgery within a month.

What's more, Elaine has noticed a general weakness in her left hip and leg which were operated on using the traditional hip replacement. "I do not find this with my right leg," she says. "In fact, the right side has greatly improved since the second surgery. Besides no hip precautions after surgery, the right hip and leg has become stronger and able to accomplish exercises it could not do several months ago before seeing Dr. Louis."

Louboutin Trainers Red

The Direct Anterior Approach used on her right hip left Elaine with a small, three inch scar, compared to the nine inch scar on her left hip. The best part was, she walked without a cane just ten days after the surgery, while her first operation required seven weeks before she could walk with a cane.

´╗┐Western Springs Woman Walking Within Days After New Direct Anterior Approach to Traditional Hip Replacement Surgery

she was moved to a rehabilitation center where she stayed for six and a half weeks. Seven weeks after surgery she was able to walk only with assistance from a cane.

Louboutin Trainers Red

Louboutin Trainers Red

"The surgery went very well," Elaine explains. "I had no drainage from the small incision and Tylenol took care of the little pain I had. Ten days after my surgery, I was walking without a cane or walker and getting stronger daily."

"Everyone tells me how amazed they are to see how well I recovered in such a short time and how well I am walking," Elaine explains. "I even sleep better because I have no discomfort."

The Direct Anterior Approach allows the surgeon to reach the hip joint from the front of the hip, as opposed to the side or posterior in traditional hip replacement surgery. This helps to replace the hip without detaching muscle from the pelvis or femur. Consequently, the important gluteal muscles, which play a key role in hip function, are less affected than with traditional hip replacement surgery.

Six months after her surgery with Dr. Louis, Elaine is thrilled with the results. "I was ok with my first surgery, but I am very pleased with my second surgery on the right side with a smaller incision, shorter healing time, and ability to walk without a cane or walker twelve days after surgery."Dr. Steven Louis of Hinsdale Orthopaedics is hosting a free seminar for patients to learn more about the Direct Anterior Approach to hip replacement surgery on Tuesday, January 25 at 7 pm in the Red and Black Oak Rooms, Good Samaritan Hospital, 3815 Highland Avenue in Downers Grove. To register, please call 1.800.323.8622 and use event code 4G78. This event is free and open to the public.

Louboutin Trainers Red

Fortunately for Elaine, during one of her rehabilitation visits, a physical therapist gave her a brochure about the new, less invasive Direct Anterior Approach to hip replacement performed by Dr. Steven Louis of Hinsdale Orthopaedics. She consulted with Dr. Louis, who Alexander Mcqueen Shoes

Louboutin Trainers Red

Louboutin Trainers Red

Louboutin Trainers Red

Louboutin Trainers Red

Louboutin Trainers Red

Elaine was no stranger to hip replacement surgery. Just one month after having her left hip replaced using the traditional method, she learned that Buy Louboutin Shoes Uk

her right hip needed a total replacement also. Her first hip replacement left her with a nine inch scar and the procedure required a four day hospital stay. After that, Manolo Blahnik Sandals Chaos

Louboutin Trainers Red

Louboutin Trainers Red

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