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Christian Louboutin Victorina

Christian Louboutin Victorina

As a lifelong Midwesterner, the massiveness of Alaska (Anchorage is two flights away from his home in Kongiganak) and the 20 degrees below zero were eye opening. Fortunately, Pat has many of the comforts of home in Kongiginak and appreciates his running water, indoor bath facilities, and electricity. However, he misses the consistent cell phone availability and internet access that we take for granted in Illinois. Snowmobile travel is the norm in his village and he is fortunate that his apartment is a short walk from school. Although he spends most of his time preparing for five different classes including Alaska Studies (an idea that brought a wry smile from one of his Social Studies teachers at Westmont High School), he has had interesting experiences in his travels in neighboring communities. He has grown accustomed to extended snowmobile trips, massive layers of clothing and plenty of processed meals. In his search for adventure, he occasionally travels to Bethel for groceriesno simple task as it is a $150 flight to this nearest of paved towns.

Christian Louboutin Victorina

Christian Louboutin Victorina

Christian Louboutin Victorina

Christian Louboutin Victorina

road less traveled since graduating from Illinois State University in the spring of 2010. As a Secondary Education Mathematics major, he entered a job market that was flush with eager candidates. Pat approached his first job fair with an interesting and unique strategy. "All the districts at the job fair had hour long waits. I got in a shorter line, had an interview with Alaska and thought it would be an adventure." Not too long afterward, Pat was on his way to the Great Northwest.

Christian Louboutin Victorina

As a first year teacher in a new community, Bailey has responsibility for Mathematics instruction for students grades 6 12 along with the aforementioned Alaska Studies. In the classroom, Pat's many successes include working with two of his high school students through three full phases of math in a single semester and the anticipated graduation of two students in the spring. One of these young men will attend the University of Alaska at Fairbanks, an impressive feat in this community. The eagerness of younger students has also left a deep impression on him.

Christian Louboutin Victorina

at Ayagin'ar Elitnaurvik. He appreciates the community that his principal nurtures and feels that the Kindergarten through 12th grade school of nearly one hundred students has been a tremendous professional opportunity.

with his family. His mother and father are exceedingly proud of Pat and are pleased that he has taken on this unusual challenge. The Westmont Sentinel community is proud as well.

Much of the social life in Kongiganak revolves around basketball, hunting and fishing and Pat has had surprising success in these areas. The 6 foot tall Bailey uses his relatively impressive height to full advantage in pick up basketball games with his students. He has also had impressive success on the water, pulling in sixty five salmon on one trip while battling a hungry seal that attacked his catch. He was even involved in the harvesting of a walrusthe only Sentinel on record to have this distinction.

Christian Louboutin Victorina

Christian Louboutin Victorina

Pat looks forward to visiting his hometown and enjoying Midwestern cuisine (he considers Chicago style pizza and Italian beef delicacies when he returns), consistent wifi and Christian Louboutin Victorina the company of his friends. Over the winter holiday, Pat reported that he most relishes his time Christian Louboutin Red

Christian Louboutin Victorina

Westmont High School graduate Pat Bailey (Class of 2006), has certainly taken a Alexander Mcqueen Shoes Skull

Needless to say, Pat has grown fond of the Kongiganak community and the students and staff Manolo Blahnik Hangisi 70 Satin Pump

´╗┐Westmont Sentinel Takes Alaskan Adventure

Christian Louboutin Victorina

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