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Louboutin Flat Shoes

Louboutin Flat Shoes

Fish and Game officers developed a strategy for tranquilizing the bear, which cooperated by bedding down in heavy brush along the cottonwood trail, just off Mountain Cove Road. challenge there was to get a clear shot at the animal, Oneale noted.

Louboutin Flat Shoes

Ada County Deputies responded Christian Louboutin Shoes Men Blue

Louboutin Flat Shoes

Louboutin Flat Shoes

This may not be the Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes Sale

last black bear to visit town before winter hits. drought conditions have been tough on bears, and there no reason to think this bear will be the last one wandering into town looking for food, Oneale said. living in more rural settings and those living on the Louboutin Flat Shoes doorstep of the Boise Foothills need to be particularly vigilant in securing potential bear attractants.

After a short visit to the Christian Louboutin Chocolate Shoes

Louboutin Flat Shoes

Louboutin Flat Shoes

city of trees and the Fort Boise area, an adult male black bear was transported back to the forest without incident.

Eventually, the bear was darted and shortly after, loaded for transport to the Pilot Peak area between Idaho City and Lowman. Released without incident, the bear now sports both bright yellow and bright green ear tags.

Louboutin Flat Shoes

´╗┐Wayward Black bear returned home after visiting Fort Boise area

Louboutin Flat Shoes

Louboutin Flat Shoes

Louboutin Flat Shoes

and maintained visual contact with the bear until Fish and Game Officers arrived. Ada County deputies were instrumental in this operation and we greatly appreciate their help, Fish and Game conservation educator Evin Oneale noted. all the recreational activity that goes on in the Fort Boise area, it was critical to have the deputies there to keep people at a distance and monitor the bear movements.

Louboutin Flat Shoes

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