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In many respects, except becoming food themselves (at least in North America), those same uses are still every bit as important today, Owen said.

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

But said spitting, Christian Louboutin Lace Heels

just personable, said Owen, who has a farm east of Tulsa, Okla. are great animals with kids. They are very inquisitive, very curious, almost nosy at times. animals, related to camels, became domesticated in the Andean Highlands of Peru about 4,000 to 5,000 years ago, making them Manolo Blahnik Bridal

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

Instead, the usually gentle, soft wooled creatures, in colors ranging from deep, chocolate pudding brown to slate gray to white with black or brown mottling, are personable, known for being good guard animals and sure footed companions.

Susan Leslie, from La Vernia, southeast of San Antonio, brought nine llamas for her daughter Anna Reese, 18, to show out of about 65 Christian Louboutin Mens Sneakers 2017

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

Intelligent, and easy to teach, it obvious that the creatures still have minds of their own and opinions about, say, walking backward as part of an obstacle course, or passing head to feet through a decorated hula hoop, all tasks required of them during Wednesday competition.

But the modern world has found other, newer uses, she said. Llamas are, for example, used as therapy animals in nursing homes.

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

among the oldest domestic animals in the world, according to an Oklahoma State University Web page dealing with the animals.

But Leslie, who also has emus, longhorn cattle and fancy chickens on her property, was won over by the of the animals, she said.

Primarily a beast of burden, they also provided native herdsmen with meat, fiber for clothes, hides and manure pellets for fuel, according to the site.

don look at you and just spit, Royal said. a territorial, 'this is my domain kind of thing. experts said, such behavior is reserved for disputes with other llamas, not something that the animals do without provocation especially the well heeled population loping around the Abilene arena on Wednesday.

´╗┐West Texas Fair competition brings llama Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers lovers together

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

worst thing is you that might get spit on, said a laughing Sandi Owen, here from Oklahoma to help her daughter, Jamie Owen, 19, compete against other llama enthusiasts at the West Texas Fair Rodeo.

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

just stand up there on a little incline or something so that they can get a good view of their herd, and they just stand there so proud, ears up, kind of baby sitting, looking out for coyotes and predators that might be coming into view, she said.

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

on the family farm.

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

can be a little bit hard to do, said Royal, referring to the ring around the llama shenanigans, a stunt that requires animal and trainer to be in good sync to pull off.

fellow fan Brock Royal, 30, said, is a mechanism, dominance type thing, designed to establish pecking order and who the boss.

There a great deal of scholarship money available for young people who raise llamas, Owen said, and their relative ease of maintenance shearing, toenail trims, a few injections makes llamas a good choice for such competitors.

Even alpaca ranchers she has sold llamas to as guard animals remark on their natural grace, she said.

got our first two llamas because we had weeds in our horse pasture that the horses weren eating, she said.

Christian Louboutin Low Top Sneakers

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