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Louboutin Yootish

Finally, I gave him a yellow legal pad and a felt tip pen. I said, "Draw Daddy a picture." So he started drawing, and I'm trying to write a song. All of a sudden he shows me this picture that he'd drawn. It was a crude little rocket ship, and on the side of it, it had "P R L F Q." I said, "Well, what does that spell?" And he said "Mom and Dad." Yikes!

It went on from there, and I guess that was the fastest that I ever wrote a song that eventually became a hit. In 45 minutes to an hour, I had the whole song written.

Louboutin Yootish

Louboutin Yootish

Louboutin Yootish

'Mom and Dad.' Louboutin Yootish That ain't too bad, 'cause that's my boy."

I'm sure he is. I don't know. He's "Scott" now, and now I'm going to really shock you: He's 50 years old.

Didn't he want to change something on it?

Everybody didn't agree with you (about it being a hit).

I did some calculating first. I calculated it was midnight in Nashville when he called me about this, and I could hear people in the background, Christian Louboutin Gold Shoes Men

Louboutin Yootish

and I knew they were doing vocals and had already spent the money on that record, and there was a good chance that they'd go ahead and put a vocal on it. I said, "I just can't do it." He said, "Well, OK, then." . I just couldn't do that to my son. I wanted it to be his name.

Louboutin Yootish

Louboutin Yootish

That was a few weeks later. He called up and said, "Could I change this to 'Watching Danny Grow?' We've (recorded) it, but my son's name is Danny." I said, "Nope."

And it just so happened that Bobby Goldsboro showed up that next week in town, and a friend of mine knew him, and I ended up over at the Hollywood Roosevelt Hotel, playing him this song. He loved it, and he was coming off of the biggest hit in the universe at that time, called "Honey."

Mac Davis: I was. I was recently divorced, and my son Scotty was about 5 years old. Mother was sick, and it was during the week, and I got to keep him for a few days while she was ill.

So that was where I went. (Sings) "There he sits with a pen and a yellow pad, he's a handsome lad, that's my boy/P R L F Q spells Blue Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Louboutin Yootish

Louboutin Yootish

Bart Herbison: You were babysitting, essentially.

Louboutin Yootish

'Watching Scotty Grow'

Clive Davis had signed me, and he had signed Jerry Fuller to be my producer. I sang him the song over the phone and said, "I think we ought Christian Louboutin Lady Peep

I took him into the office with me, in Hollywood, at the 9000 building right on Sunset Boulevard, where my offices with Nancy Sinatra were. He was a typical 5 year old and was in my hair with questions, "Daddy" this and "Daddy" that.

Louboutin Yootish

You'd be hard pressed to find a sweeter song about fatherhood but right before Mac Davis wrote "Watching Scotty Grow," he was just trying to get his 5 year old son, Scotty, to leave him alone for a few minutes.

Story Behind the Song: Scotty Grow

to do this on my new album." He said, "That's a good song, but it sounds like a Bobby Goldsboro song to me."

Louboutin Yootish

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