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When seniors are worried about being able to keep their homes, should the city really be doling out this kind of money for projects that have little to do with the city own stated objectives?

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

And at the very least, if the city is going to continue to fund such groups, it should be for projects the city believes are priorities.

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

Last year grant recipients included a group of high school students engaged in a solar boat and car race which cost you $7,000, while another high school pocketed $500 for an environmental club garden!

This time, the city is simply giving away a total of $50,000 to groups with almost any concept that could be considered green.

And she wants it stopped.

A few years back, the city launched what it called a program review.

But she questions any value for the city and its taxpayers in funding them.

Here how the stated purpose of that project is defined on the city website.

It would seem solar boats and car races are a favourite for this funding stream.

So the cost of the $50,000 program is clearly more than that.

Go to the city website and type in funding under their search engine.

I proposing to do, first of all, is that any type of grant we giving out should be aligned with the city priorities, McRae said.

Thank goodness for a little common sense.

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

the description on the city website isn enough to base an opinion on.

Again, according to the website, the environmental benefits were: the design and construction of the solar powered vehicles, the children learned about solar power, renewable energy and the environment. It not only Manolo Blahnik Hangisi Flat Ebay

Of course, this isn the only source of grant funding in the city.

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

In 2009, another group of students got similar funding.

have some questions on this for sure I like to know what we got for that money, he said, suggesting Black Christian Louboutin Sneakers Mens

fostered creativity in designing their solar powered vehicles but also in re using recycled materials. that special?

She going to have the issue raised at her committee.

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

Clearly, it didn go far enough.

Kanata South Coun. Allan Hubley isn sure what to think as he looks over the list of 2011 recipients.

the city $5,000 or $50,000. Maria McRae only recently learned about the spending frenzy.

McRae rightly prefaces her comments by making it clear that there absolutely nothing wrong with what these groups are doing. She right.

It doesn really matter if this cost Louboutin High Heels

promote renewable energy projects and engage students in two races (solar car race and solar boat Christian Louboutin Python Shoes race) to increase their understanding of renewable energy and the environment, and to hopefully encourage careers in environmental studies, sciences or engineering. just what were the benefits of this?

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

The left leaning tree huggers at City Hall are at it again, this time throwing taxpayers dollars around in the name of the environment. It nothing but wasteful spending once more.

´╗┐Waste of green at city hall

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

McRae believes it time for a good debate on all kinds of grant funding.

And, of course, as with any program at the city, it takes manpower to keep it going.

Christian Louboutin Python Shoes

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