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´╗┐We would welcome a rainy day

Our forecast this week does include a couple opportunities for rain but unfortunately none of them will be a good soaking rain like we could use. Aside from giving the grass and plants a drink, some rain would also do wonders for those, like myself, who suffer from allergies as it would wash away some of the nasty pollen.

both Maryland and Virginia.

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

So we need some rain, but are we in a drought? The answer is actually NO. Drought Monitor much of Maryland, Northern Virginia and Southeast Virginia are Dry. Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys According to the Drought Mitigation Center this means that we are dry but not yet in a drought. However, just across the Bay in far eastern Maryland they are in Drought. Below Christian Louboutin Mens Leopard Print Shoes

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

February 29! That was the last time we had a good soaking rain that totaled 1.44 inches. Since then there have only been two days when we picked up any rain was March 2nd and 25 when we received 0.34 and 0.20 respectively. I guess this recent dry spell may be my fault because back in early March I decided to level off an area in my yard and try to grow Louboutin Ankle Strap Heels

grass. Since then Mother Nature has pretty much turned off the spicket and I had to add watering the lawn to my daily chores.

you can see the detailed numbers from our local airports and also the drought monitor maps for Christian Louboutin Spikes Men

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

Christian Louboutin Shoes Boys

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