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and zoomed.

Mrs G Hull adds: "There were a row of wooden bungalows roughly where the Triplex Social Club now stands. I know this because my Great Uncle and Aunt lived at No.4 Bungalow.

"They were quite comfortable, and had a bathroom and indoor toilet. Our family moved out in 1936. The huts/bungalows were situated on land behind The Avenue when it was built in later years."

Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold

Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold

an army camp during the First World War, which explained the rather irregular layout of the buildings and brick pillars used to

My friend Bill Highcock adds that the reason they were on stilts was to allow the fresh air to circulate, because shortly after the First World War and the TB epidemics, this was the best known

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shown on the small map, which can be enlarged Christian Louboutin Boots Thigh High

the NHS but stopped in the 60s as better treatments evolved. Gordon remembers the half timbered building that was Eccleston Lodge and that it was once a school.

Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold

"It is where it has always been since I saw it built as a young lad, in 1935 off Millfields, towards Holme Road. It is clearly

now part of Nutgrove Hall Drive at its junction with Norton Grove, at Nutgrove.

level up buildings on rough ground.


It was part of Prescot and not then St Helens until later years.

I think they belonged to Triplex. My Great Uncle Fred was a policeman at Triplex and I think this is why he lived there."

´╗┐Were 'houses on stilts' army barracks from Great War

Helens. Two still remain, the one in Eccleston and the one in Grange Park, where the secondary school is (was). The fourth contained only two houses, in one of which my uncle lived at no 205. It is

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David Whitley writes from Rainhill: "The Avenue used to be called "Broadway", so that is why you can't find a reference to it in 1955. That bit was one of at least four pieces of Broadway in St

A Coffey Time fan reader (whose name I wiped from my system accidentally) writes to me on the wooden houses on stilts: "The Avenue would not show up on St Helens voters list for 1955.

Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold

"The pieces of Broadway were intended to be eventually joined together to form part of a through road from Warrington to Southport. I guess this would have joined on to the Rainford bypass atGordon Knowles was able to add that Eccleston Hall was a TB Sanatorium since the end of the First World War, and that the wooden buildings were spaced to discourage the spread. It continued Christian Louboutin Grey Sneakers

Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold

Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold

"I understand that all these quite numerous wood buildings had been Alexander Mcqueen White Shoes

Regarding the Wooden Huts on Stilts: "I was a two year old when my parents and my aunt's family moved into adjacent huts/bungalows/houses, call them what you will.

"For postal purpose they were known as the 'Bungalows, Millfields'. Us kids called them the huts. They were built of wood and I think all of them were built on brick pillars , leaving a Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold vacant

Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold

Christian Louboutin Wedges Gold

height 2 to 3 feet clear off the ground .

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