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Louboutin Uk Trainers

"I couldn't work because of the severity of the MS," she explains, adding that because of coping skills, she has improved her quality of life and is now working one or two days per week.

of two teenage girls is hoping money raised at a wellness fair later this month as well as within the community will help her long fight against crippling MS.

´╗┐Wellness Expo provides push down the path to better health

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Louboutin Uk Trainers

"We very close."

"They bring home great report cards with high grades," she stresses. Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers Glitter

Louboutin Uk Trainers

In fact, the entire expo is about wellness, says Jmayoff.

Louboutin Uk Trainers

Before that, Savery had to undergo hip replacement when the old one disintegrated as a result of the MS drugs.

She says the fair has attracted 50 exhibitors from between Victoria and Parksville. Among them are wellness practitioners, and reflexology and organic food proponents. Other speakers include practitioners on inner beauty, perfume and relationships.

Ayurvedic medicine is a system of healing that originated in ancient India. It Christian Louboutin Yellow Shoes

"We'll also have a full makeover ready for Louboutin Uk Trainers her when she returns."

Louboutin Uk Trainers

Savery says her doctor has told her she would benefit from the simple treatment that takes about 90 minutes and doesn't even require a general anesthetic. The blocked veins are inflated so blood can flow through through the body's brain and system properly.

"We want to introduce holistic modality to the community."

Keynote speaker at the fair being organized by locals Tracy Scheck and Dar Jmayoff will be Rishi Pandya, described as a world renowned ayurvedic doctor. Pandya has spoken at conferences around the globe.

It will cost more than $11,000 to send Cindy Savery to California where doctors can perform the so called liberation treatment that is not available in Canada.

Louboutin Uk Trainers

Louboutin Uk Trainers

Louboutin Uk Trainers

Louboutin Uk Trainers

Despite everything, she's justly proud of her children's accomplishments.

Louboutin Uk Trainers

Louboutin Uk Trainers

"We want to gather enough funds to send Cindy to California for this treatment," said Maria Manna host of the two day Cowichan Wellness Expo at the Cowichan Exhibition site later this month.

uses diet, detoxification and purification techniques, herbal and mineral remedies, yoga, breathing exercises, meditation and massage therapy as holistic healing methods.

Louboutin Uk Trainers

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