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7th grade: Juan Aceves, Jenifer Alanis, Valdemar Alvarez, Rafael Angeles, Efrain Antonio, Aurea Aurioles, Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes Gold

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8th grade: Evelyn Almonte, New Christian Louboutin Sneakers

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´╗┐West Chicago Middle School Announces 3rd Quarter Honor Roll

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8th grade: Darcy Akins, Monica Alfaro, Nina Altier, Myriam Alvarez, GiovanniArellano, David BabisStudents receiving Effort recognition this quarter are:

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Ayala, Diego Baeza, Cesar Cholula, Christian Correa, Bailey Crenshaw, Stephanie DelaTorre, Alec Dolan, Misael Duran, Emmanuel Esquivel, Nicholas Favia, Joselle Ferreyra

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Students are credited in two areas. Christian Louboutin Teal The area of Achievement means the student grades are average "B" or above. Students are also graded in the area of effort, with "1" being the highest grade. Students making High Honor Roll received all A in achievement and all 1 in effort.

Guadalupe Blanco, Marissa Borchering, Elishka Braun, Amy Dinh, Jenna Foreman, Michelle Franch, Mae Elizabeth Gimre, Alyssa Lenning Rice, Carolyn Meissner, Michael Otzwirk, Angel Santana, Dana Stratynski

Students receiving "B" average or above in Achievement are:Noe Cortez, Daniel Cuautle, Ethan Cuka, Tyler Danial, Namarta Disawar, Peter Dolan, Raquel Donovan,

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