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"The next big challenge for online is to have Louboutin Men

For example, in the last few years Birlinn has had to tackle bad debt for the first time in its history. First it was the collapse of the Woolworths arm Entertainment UK, which was followed by the administration of Borders.

He said: "Being a small company in a difficult market, often it is a competitive advantage Christian Louboutin Red Bottoms Men

"I am very jangly about the state of retail in Britain. One of the big problems in our industry is we shut our eyes and pretend everything is roses in the garden. It is not.

"You can do quite a lot of ducking and diving, but that is not to say it is easy."

Louboutin Glitter

He said: "I think e publishing will be very important but I wonder if what we are dealing with at the moment an interim technology.

impact of the recession, Birlinn is on course for a record year. While Andrew bluntly attributes the performance to "good books", there were other factors at play.

´╗┐We can move Louboutin Glitter quicker than bigger competitors

"You can't say I am interested in books on South Uist or wherever on Amazon, but on our website you can browse by theme, which I think is extremely important.

Louboutin Glitter

The transition to online buying has been a "seismic shift" but not one he is entirely comfortable with. He is both excited by the opportunity and disgusted by some of the business practice which is playing out.

"Part of the decline in the retail book trade is there are fewer and fewer places we can sell in to which is a fairly fundamental problem."

Louboutin Glitter

"For instance, one of the best hi fi makers in the business has ceased to make CD players because it has moved entirely to a server based technology.

Louboutin Glitter

The books are packed tightly in floor to ceiling shelving. Some spill out and others have made their way onto couches, tables and chairs. Yet more stand in teetering piles rising up from the floor.

Louboutin Glitter

The converted basement of Andrew's townhouse in Edinburgh makes up the head office of the firm, but we meet above ground in one of the reception rooms.

Even if you didn't know anything about him, it would be clear Hugh Andrew has a great passion for the written word.

He said: "My main problem is the aggressive price predation. It has turned into a complete car boot sale.

It is not just the method of buying books which is undergoing huge change.

John Kelly, managing Advisors, is renewable energy at rainwater energy to make better Andrew said: "It is impossible to legislate for. We run a profitable business and we just have to take it into the bottom line. There is nobody who is too big to fail and that is a real concern for us.

The growing popularity of e reading devices and dedicated book software applications on smartphones means an entirely different market is opening up.

"Most people go into shops with only a vague idea of what they want, so for companies like ourselves, the hysical presence on the high street or the tourist area or ft shop remains crucial."

as we can move much quicker than bigger competitors.

The 48 year old is a tall, imposing presence who talks confidently about the cultural industry in Scotland. Despite the troubles of the sector and the Christian Louboutin Sale Shop

While Andrew is also concerned about the growing influence of supermarkets as booksellers, it is not just the physical retail market which occupies his thoughts.

Louboutin Glitter

Louboutin Glitter

"Some of the decisions bigger publishers have made have helped us enormously. The immediate thing they do is slash investment costs and sales forces.

Louboutin Glitter

Louboutin Glitter

The difficulties of the retail environment over the past two years has had a knock on effect in the publishing sector.

Indeed Birlinn, the company he founded in 1992, is one of the biggest independent imprints in Scotland, with a number of subsidiaries, including Polygon and Mercat Press, plus bookshops in Elgin and Banchory.

a proper browsing experience.

Louboutin Glitter

However, Andrew remains sceptical about what is currently on offer.

Louboutin Glitter

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