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Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

Scott is backing council attempts to turn Paisley into a specialist "discount outlet town" but insists Buddies have got a part to play too.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

AN amateur internet master hopes to help Paisley return to its former glory with a website.

That's when he got the idea to collate all the information about what was happening into one easy to use website.

There is even a section detailing famous stories from the town's past and a blog area to spark debate on how to generate new ideas to take Paisley forward.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

"While researching the site, I learned things like when a building such as the former TA Drill Hall received planning permission for conversion to flats, the planner had five years to start work," he said.

"But the people of Paisley have got to get behind it too. Many people moan about there being no shops left but they are the same folk who do all their shopping at Braehead and Silverburn."

The travel agent was shocked at how much the town had declined during his time away and is determined to help it recover the bustling atmosphere that once allowed it to thrive.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

But that merely exacerbated the problems the shopping district has faced since the one way system was introduced over a decade ago and the giant Braehead mall opened to provide stiff competition.

Street and the thing that jumped out at me all the time was the Littlewoods store lying there empty. You just couldn't miss it.

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Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

Buddie Scott Manson got fed up driving round the town seeing shop after shop lying empty.

I came back to Paisley, I noticed how much the place had gone downhill.

Scott who has set the site up in his spare time said: "I lived in Ayr for a while but when Christian Louboutin Shoes Studded

"My four year old son spotted me gazing out of the windows and asked: 'Daddy, what are you looking at?'

Paisley has suffered as a result of the recent recession as many of the well known firms based in the town centre shut up shop.

"I told him I was looking at all of the empty shops and offices and that no one works there any more. 'Why not Daddy?' he asked. I realised I didn't have an answer, so I started looking for one."

Scott says he is firmly behind the town and hopes his site will play its part in the rebirth of Paisley.

"I would walk up and down the High Louboutin Boots 2018

"With a recession in full swing and the housing market fairly flat, you can see why so many fine buildings are left empty and appear abandoned.

"But I think what the council is doing with the outlet idea is exciting. There are outlet parks in Tillicoultry, Livingston and Gretna, but nothing in the West of Scotland.

"I have spent hour after hour going through the Renfrewshire Council planning sites to find interesting applications to put on the site and there is also a list of all the vacant properties in the town.

was impressed with their efforts but found it difficult to find the information he needed.

"Having lived in Ayrshire for some time, I was unaware of the Paisley Vision Board. After a little research I found their proposals and goals.

"Buddies have a lot to be proud of as the town slowly moves forward into an exciting future. My site focuses on the positive aspects of Paisley and I believe, in my own small way, I am making a difference."

"The idea for the website began last December when I was in McDonald's in the High Street.

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

Scott, 51, grew up in the town but spent 25 years living in Australia and only moved back to Paisley four years ago.

Scott then spent much of his spare time Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men researching groups like the Paisley Vision Board and Renfrewshire Chamber of Commerce who are striving to build a better future for the town.

"But this took quite some time. I wondered, if it was so important to the people of Paisley, why the information was not available on an easy to use website. Now it is.

"Of course it's not all facts and figures. The site has a blog where ideas are mentioned in an attempt to create dialog."

The site lists proposals for exciting new developments in the town as well as details about retail and office space for rent and for sale in Paisley.

"I just want to make it easier for people to find the information they need about the town.

´╗┐Website bid to return Paisley to former glory

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

Alexander Mcqueen Boots Men

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