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Huntley said she did not anticipate that being a contentious issue, but it is not clear how it would be resolved if there were objections.

If there is not an agreement by then, that would be the last meeting the city would participate in.

Huntley said Boulder has two primary concerns: that task force members not be deposed and that information related to the city's modeling efforts not be used against the city in litigation.

concrete proposals, while Xcel accused city officials of being fearful that efforts to align the two entities' modeling systems will reveal holes in the case for a city energy utility.

City Council members also wanted three new task force members appointed to fill vacancies in the group, with two of those members having expertise in energy issues in Colorado's particular regulatory context.

Louboutin Men Sneakers

Louboutin Men Sneakers

"If it is about them having a citizen panel and city staff to bounce ideas off of to meet the community's goals, we're 100 percent behind that," she said. "But it's feeling more and more like they want to gain information about our modeling that they would use against us in litigation or to undermine Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes Selfridges

the public case for municipalization as an option without offering anything new."

But Huntley said Xcel increasingly has asked for proprietary information.

Louboutin Men Sneakers

Louboutin Men Sneakers

Xcel officials have said it is important to align the two modeling efforts so that when the energy company puts forward its proposals, they can be accurately compared to the case for a municipal utility.

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Huntley said the city believes the memorandum of understanding from spring 2013, when the task force first started meeting, is still in effect, but Xcel officials have indicated they don't believe it is.

Louboutin Men Sneakers

Louboutin Men Sneakers

Louboutin Men Sneakers

Xcel Energy is scheduled to present its proposed alternatives to municipalization products and services it is willing to implement Louboutin Men Sneakers statewide to reduce greenhouse gas emissions to the task force for vetting in April and then to the City Council in June.

After task force members decided to keep meeting anyway, the City Council agreed Tuesday night to let city staff continue participating in the meetings, provided Xcel signs a new memorandum of understanding that would protect the contents of task force discussions and individual task force members from future legal proceedings.

The joint task force is made up of community members who have expertise in energy issues or who represent certain constituencies.

´╗┐We are willing to protect Boulder task force members

to discuss in detail the company's objections to Boulder's suggestions for the memorandum "so as to have a more successful negotiation."Boulder spokeswoman Sarah Huntley said the city is reviewing the new language and hopes to have an agreement in place by the next task force meeting on Feb. 12.

Aguayo said Xcel believes it should be up to the task force members if they want to add new people this late in the process.

Representatives of Xcel Energy said they welcome Boulder back to the table with a joint task force looking at possible alternatives to municipalization, and said the utility always has been willing to sign a memorandum of understanding protecting task force members from involvement in future legal proceedings.

Louboutin Men Sneakers

Boulder and Xcel expect to have a lengthy court battle over condemnation of Xcel's assets if the city moves forward with municipalization.

The addition of new members to the task force will also be discussed at the Feb. 12 meeting.

Aguayo said the company has been willing since December to sign a new memorandum of understanding and that, on Wednesday, the company's attorneys sent new language to the city that offers additional protections to task force members.

Xcel Energy spokeswoman Michelle Aguayo said Wednesday that the company is glad that Boulder wants to keep participating in the process and had been very concerned by the City Council's decision to suspend its participation.

The group has become a point of contention between Xcel and Boulder, with the City Council voting in December to suspend its participation until Xcel presents Christian Louboutin On Feet

'Undermine the public case'

"It would benefit everyone to have an MOU in place," she said. "We want there to be zero ambiguity."

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Louboutin Men Sneakers

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