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Louboutin 100mm

After a while, she realized her migraine headaches were related to painting.

Green is among artists featured this weekend at Reyes Adobe Days in Agoura Hills. Christian Louboutin Dress Shoes

She took art classes, but "not in school, because I wanted to break the rules and just do it on my own. We think we're so smart when we are young," she said.

Green did all the painting herself, designing themes like tea parties and cowboys. Chair spindles became pencils.

For her subject matter, she goes to ranches in Hidden Valley and to the Leonis Adobe in Calabasas.

The annual event opens tonight and runs through Sunday at 5464 Reyes Adobe Road.

"She wanted to go bigger, and I didn't really want to. Then it's just about numbers. It's not about creativity; it loses that hand," she said.

Green's large oil paintings decorate the walls of her home overlooking Westlake Lake. Colorful florals and impressionist landscapes share space with winsome portraits of animals.

Louboutin 100mm

Although she shares her home Christian Louboutin Chelsea Boots

She likes oil paint because it's very forgiving.

"I've always been self employed," she said.

Green went to Italy and painted in Tuscany, inspired by flowers and old buildings, the textures and the encouragement of other artists.

Louboutin 100mm

proportions.' So one day, I painted my dog. I showed it to Karl and he said, 'You got it.' Somehow, it's progressed to I am the lady who does cows."

"It allows me to change anything immediately," she said. "I like the texture, the creaminess of it. It feels good to press the brush against the canvas. It's like frosting a cake. I can scrape it all off if I hate it, or I can go over it."

Louboutin 100mm

She learned plein air landscape painting from Karl Dempwolf, who became a mentor, and she also took classes with the late Neil Boyle.

"After a month, I came home and just proceeded to seek out artists that I admired," she said. Among them was Sharon Burkett Kaiser, whose rose paintings she admired. She took a class with her at the California Art Institute. "She said, 'If you follow my plan, learn what I teach you and practice, practice, practice every day, you will get into galleries.' Of the five girls that were in there, we're all in galleries."

"They have some great roosters and white long horned steers," she said. "I work in Topanga two days a week, and everybody has chickens."

But first she went to UCLA, got a bachelor's degree in fashion design and became a freelance fashion and textile designer.

Louboutin 100mm

Louboutin 100mm

"That was fine. I retired and said, 'I want to become a painter.' "

Louboutin 100mm

Louboutin 100mm

Louboutin 100mm

"It's a different manipulation," she said. "It dries very quickly. It's not very forgiving."

´╗┐Westlake Village artist finds her inspiration in animals and flowers

"We took vintage clothing, tore it up and restyled it," she said. "It was amazing, it was so much fun." But things changed.

"I schedule my days to paint," she said. "It takes me in my own little zone, makes me very happy. I am very selfish with my time."

"I lost everything," she said. "Everything that was hanging fell and broke, taking paint cans with it." She took pieces to her home in Calabasas to work on them, but it was difficult.

"He said, 'You get the eyes, but you don't get the Christian Louboutin Trainers Uk Womens

Louboutin 100mm

"So I looked for something else," she said. A few years later, she and a friend started a business, BBC Rags, designing clothing.

Louboutin 100mm

When she wanted to paint people, she took a class with Mark Westermoe, who did portraits.

She paints full Louboutin 100mm time during the day except for the days she works in a boutique.

"Every time I painted, I would get a headache," she said. "I figured out it was the turpentine, so I stopped painting for 20 or 30 years. Then I discovered odorless turpentine and it changed my life," she said.

The Northridge earthquake in 1994 devastated her business on Reseda Boulevard.

with a friendly, aging cat and a quiet, polite dog, the paintings are more likely to be of species you'd find in a farmyard: a baleful looking cow or frisky horse, a proud rooster strutting along wearing boots.

Louboutin 100mm

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