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´╗┐Wesleyan professor to speak with Bill Moyers on Newtown

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

The topic of gun control reached new heights after last Dec. history. Four months after the tragedy sparked a national outcry for state and national government officials to issue tougher gun laws, Gov. Dannel P. Malloy signed off on a new package of gun laws, joining Colorado and New York to pass sweeping new gun legislation.

what journalists have to do if we are going to help the country understand what happening, said Moyers. task Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik is to turn to people who really know what they are talking about, who aren dealing in punditry and sound bites. And to me, that Richard.


speak on America relationship with guns and the ways our history and our culture have put a premium on a violent response to certain issues.

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Former lawmaker, Secret Service agent, Durham leader Ray Kalinowski diesMiddletown police conduct mock school shooter drillMiddletown dance school teen team places first in national competitionPD: Drunken driver tested 3 times legal limit had kids in car, DUI convictionPolice: Mother daughter tiff over driving directions gets both arrestedMoody School parents demand more teachers to fix overcrowding2 charged in Cromwell bust that nets $15,000 in hash oil, pot, cashCromwell woman dedicates life to aiding Middletown families in need

To help his viewers try to make sense of why gun violence continues to run rampant in America today, Moyers turned to Slotkin to share his viewpoints.

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

After last year school shooting in Newtown, Slotkin decided to take a more in depth look at the role of guns in our national psyche. He will share his analysis this Saturday on a national television program to mark the one year anniversary of the tragedy. The show, titled Nation, hosted by veteran journalist Bill Moyers, explores the controversial issues affecting the world today such as inequality, money in politics, corruption and poverty. Slotkin will High Heels Manolo Blahnik

expanded through war through most of our history, said Slotkin. really about the psychological aspect in deciding that violence Louboutin Men Blue

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

MIDDLETOWN >> Richard Slotkin is a cultural historian who has spent most of his adult life studying the issues of violence throughout American history while serving as an English professor for 42 years at Wesleyan Christian Louboutin Trainers White

Wedding Shoes Manolo Blahnik

Even with the government efforts to curb gun violence, Slotkin isn optimistic about sweeping change.

is ultimately the problem solver.

always disturbing to think about what happened at Newtown and then to talk about it, said Slotkin. think really that the American expectation is that violence will happen and it helps solves problems. In many of his works, including one titled Gunfighter Nation, Slotkin examines how everything from pop culture, video games and movies to society and politics has been influenced by a country history rooted in violence dating back to America troubled times in the 20th century.

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