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"Other Christian Louboutin Uk Store drinks provide nutrients, but they can also contain sugar, acid, saturated fat and caffeine. When it comes to staying healthy, nothing beats water."

It will be aimed particular at the over 55s, as figures show that a third of people in this age group drink just one or two glasses a day. As thirst sensation diminishes with age, they are more

likely to become dehydrated and fall victim to urinary tract infections, falls, constipation and other associated problems.

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From Salisbury Journal

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the tap or a bottle, people generally just need to drink more," she explained.

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Staff at care homes, day centres and hospitals have all signed up to the campaign, but Sue Hawkins, county council care catering services manager, says the message is just as important for people

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Chris Parsons, NHS Dorset service improvement manager, said: "Water is one of the most important basic nutrients required by the body. It regulates body temperature and lubricates joints.

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on Wednesday and throughout the summer it will be supported by high profile advertising, bottle giveaways and

"Drinking six glasses of water a day increases energy levels and helps you to sleep better. It also helps to maintain a well functioning bowel and bladder, improves blood pressure and reducesThe 'Stay Healthy Just Add Water' campaign will be launched at Dorchester Market Christian Louboutin Shoes For Women

in their own homes.

information posters/leaflets distributed in places such as libraries, GP surgeries and day centres.

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