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Sometimes these holds on funds look like a double charge on your statement. It's how stores make sure the money is in your account for what you just bought. When the transaction clears, everything evens out. But if you need that money, or credit in the meantime, you could have a problem.

Pay with cash. If you're buying something online however, you may not be able to avoid the holds.

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be clearly stated on its website. Also, keep checking your statements and make sure you ask questions if something doesn't look quite right.

We know it's been happening with debt cards but now we're seeing it with credit cards as well.

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use your pin number. That allows an immediate withdrawal to cover the cost.

´╗┐Watch statements for transaction holds

If you do use your debt card, Buy Manolo Blahnik Bridal Shoes

Manolo Blahnik Shoes Red

The best thing you can do? When shopping online, make sure you know the company's policy when it comes to payments. It should Louboutin Pigalle 100

While Natan shops online, what he Christian Louboutin Chocolate Shoes

FORT MYERS, Fla. With Christmas a week from Tuesday, you may still be buying those last minute gifts. But if you're not checking your credit card and bank statements, you'll want it. Some stores are putting a hold on funds.

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may not realize is stores like Macy's are putting a hold on charges. Then your bank places a hold on the funds in anticipation of receiving the actual money from your account. WINK News reached out to one credit card company, Capital One, and they told us that holds on credit cards are nothing new.

To make sure a hold doesn't happen to you, suggestions from the experts are:

"What's better than sitting at home in your bed, while you're watching 11 o'clock news, and shopping," said Natan.

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Banks say while they do happen, large debit holds aren't very common. A hold can stay on your account until a business puts the sale through. That's when your bank records or credit card statement will show you what you actually spent. But if your Manolo Blahnik Shoes Red account or credit limit is low, a purchase may not go through if you don't have enough money to cover the hold.

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Shopping online is a convenience for many, like Eli Natan.

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