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Not so fast.

Actually, a large review of gold standard trials found that rapid weight loss via very low calorie diets resulted in significantly more weight loss at six months, and the differences in weight loss persisted up to 18 months.

By Miriam E. Tucker

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

This was based on the old idea that 3,500 calories equals 1 pound of weight. But it does not take into account the fact that energy requirements change as body mass changes over time. So, as weight is lost, it takes increasingly more exercise and fewer calories to keep the weight off.

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

Current day gym classes play a key role in reducing or preventing childhood obesity.

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

Small changes in how much you eat and/or exercise will result in large, long term weight changes.

A bout of sexual activity burns 100 to 300 calories per person.

People who feel "ready" to lose weight are more likely to succeed at it.

Slow, gradual weight loss is best for long term success.

´╗┐Weight Loss Obesity

7 MythsThe researchers discuss a total of seven myths and back it up with evidence. The myths are:

Breastfeeding protects the child from obesity.

Feb. 1, 2012 We know Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay we don't have a "magic bullet" yet when it comes to weight loss, but at least we can White Christian Louboutin Sneakers

An article published online in the New England Journal of Medicine shows that some of the most firmly held beliefs about weight loss are unproven or downright untrue, based on analysis comparing what we hear in the popular media to what we actually know from reliable research.

other changes is likely to cause weight gain. Eating fruits and vegetables is healthful, however.

Eating breakfast prevents obesity.

Actually, two studies showed no effect of eating vs. skipping breakfast.

While it certainly can't hurt, there's no rigorous evidence to support it.

more likely to happen.

Realistic weight loss goals will keep people motivated.

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It does sound like a logical idea. But evidence suggests that first defining "readiness" doesn't predict weight loss or help to make it Manolo Blahnik Flat Shoes Sale

Adding more calories of any type without making any Christian Louboutin Sparkle Sneakers

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

Adding fruits and vegetables to the diet results in weight loss.

With intense sexual activity, a 154 pound man burns approximately 3.5 calories per minute. However, given that the average amount of time spent during sex is about six minutes, this man might expend about 21 calories total. But, he would burn about 7 calories per minute just lying on the couch, so that amount has to be subtracted, which gives a grand total of 14 calories of energy expended.

Physical education, as typically provided, has not been shown to reduce or prevent obesity.

6 PresumptionsThe article also explores six "presumptions," or widely accepted beliefs that are neither proven nor disproven. They are:

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

count on some old standbys like eating a little less each day adds up over time, breastfeeding means lean children, and when all else fails, sex can burn the cheesecake off. Right?

While breastfeeding can provide health benefits for the child, the evidence does not support the idea that preventing obesity is one of them.

"From social media outlets like Facebook, to mainstream television news, to dietetic and nutrition textbooks, these myths are perpetuated, irrespective of the scientific evidence," says researcher Krista Casazza, PhD, RD, from the department of nutrition sciences at the University of Alabama at Birmingham, in a prepared statement.

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

Childhood is the time to learn to exercise and eat well.

This idea seems reasonable, but it is not supported by evidence. TV's The Biggest Loser).

Alexander Mcqueen Armadillo Shoes Ebay

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