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eventually to Alexander Mcqueen Mens Chelsea Boots

for residents to monitor their own water quality.

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´╗┐Water Conservation and Quality on the Rise

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CORPUS CHRISTI Drought restrictions went into place back in May for the city. Since then, water department officials say residential water use has dropped by the millions. Plus, recent rainfall is also a helpful factor for water quality, even though Gabriel Ramirez, the Water Quality Manager in the city's water department explains that more rain is still needed.

"Where a hundred would be perfect and zero would be the worst. So, you'll be able to easily check the water quality of the raw water," he said.

Meanwhile, Ramirez says they're working to create an easier formula Blue Christian Louboutin Mens

Louboutin White Shoes

Louboutin White Shoes

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the water treatment facility. That's where it's chemically treated for consumption based on it turbidity levels.

That way the rainwater can flow all the way down to the reserviors and Manolo Blahnik Flats Red

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Now, with more fresh water coming in and conservation measures in place, the city's usage is decreasing. Ramirez says just last month about 73 million gallons of water was used every day. That's down 10 Louboutin White Shoes million gallons since last August.

For now, residents can check online real time data to see the quality rating for their water. The official new formula should be ready to roll out at the beginning of the year according to water department officials.

"There could be an increase in turbidity levels with heavy rainfalls. Turbidity being I guess floaties in the water, less chemical would be used to treat the water and have the floaties settle to the bottom," Ramirez added.

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