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He must realise these fans pay a lot of money to go and watch the World Cup and they can expect more than they got against Algeria.

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What happens next? The only good thing that happened on Friday was that the USA drew with Slovenia. That means if we win on Wednesday we'll probably end up winning the group and if we win our group, it looks like quite a comfortable passage to the semis.

the ball through the eye of a needle. England were a much better team when he came on against Japan why can't Capello see it?

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1. The wrong substituteShaun Wright Phillips was very poor against the USA, so how did he get on the pitch again? How can you look beyond Joe Alexander Mcqueen Trainers Uk

Report and I didn't see anybody smiling. That's got to come down to Capello.

If you don't perform, then the time comes when you're going to get booed. If the fans cheer them off then the players will think they're not doing too badly.

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Louboutin Uk Mens

But of course I'd still start him in the next game because we have to score to stay in the World Cup.

Wayne's woeAlso, Wayne Rooney will wake up on Saturday morning and wonder what he was doing criticising the England fans in front of the cameras.

2. Defensive approachItalian football is very different to English football, it's more defensive and that's why he why he left it so late to put Peter Crouch on. In the end I think Fabio Capello was more worried about Algeria scoring. It's almost as if Capello thought: 'We can't get any worse on Wednesday. Let's take the draw and hope to go through by beating Slovenia'.

Also, if Capello came out on Monday morning and announced his team for Wednesday, that would send a message to the other team. That would put the fear through them. I just can't understand why he wants to keep it top secret.

5. Too much fearNot once did I see an England player having a go at another player on Friday night. They look absolutely petrified. I watched them in training on Sky Sports News World Cup Christian Louboutin Mens Boots

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Louboutin Uk Mens

You've got to look at everybody after a game like that. The players have got to look at their performances, but I do think the manager made some very, very strange decisions:

I'd be shocked if he doesn't apologise for that very quickly.

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Louboutin Uk Mens

I know football and you can't turn it on and off like a tap. Capello has to change the formation and we have to score early. If we don't score in the first 20 minutes I'll really start worrying.

I'm Mr Positive. Last week I was tipping England to win 3 0, but I can't sit here and tell you we're going to win on Wednesday.

4. The wrong formationPeople are keeping the ball too easily against us. We've got to go to a 4 5 1 with Steven Gerrard behind Wayne Rooney and Joe Cole on the left. Our best two players Gerrard and Rooney both played out of position on the left wing at some point against Algeria. How can that happen? We've got to put them in their best position.

´╗┐Wayne and blame

When your confidence is low it's hard to perform. I still think we'll qualify. There was one dodgy punch, but apart from that he did well, held onto everything and kept a clean sheet. He has to start in the next game, but he needs to be careful with some of his comments about the manager in the press.7JOHNSONEverybody will target him because he's not a great defender, but I think he did alright against Algeria. He was steady and I don't think you can criticise the defenders too much because they did their job.6COLEI still think he's the best left back in the world and I've got no worries about him. Steven Gerrard didn't give him a lot of protection, but he didn't exactly get roasted.7TERRYDespite a couple of dodgy back passes I think he did well. He gave the ball simple every time he got it and I think he did his job, quietly and without any fuss. Louboutin Uk Mens That's what he's there for.7CARRAGHEREngland didn't look like letting in a goal, but Jamie got booked and now we've got to play Matthew Upson in the next game. I'll give him a slightly lower mark for getting that yellow card.6.

3. Leaving it lateApparently David James was told he was playing five minutes before he got on the coach. That's just rubbish. You want to know the day before. You want to think about it in bed the night before and be able to prepare yourself properly. We were told well in advance when I was at the World Cup in 1998.

He doesn't look fit to me. I've not seen him play as badly as he has in the last two games and he's 100 times better than he's been showing.

Cole? International football's not all about sheer pace, you need to have some guile and someone who can put Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes Black

Louboutin Uk Mens

I'm a big fan of Rooney, but we need to remember that his purple patch came a long time ago now. It was more than two months ago when all those goals were flying in and two months is a long time in football.

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