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Louboutin Couple

Louboutin Couple

Louboutin Couple

While offering babysitting services for wedding receptions is a new venture at Tumbling Louboutin Flat Shoes

Louboutin Couple

Louboutin Couple

Louboutin Couple

Tykes, it seems that Myron grasps the concerns of both her small charges and her potential clients quite well already. "It's very hard for out of town guests to find babysitters, since the people who are attending the wedding are the exact people who could baby sit," says Christian Louboutin Lace Pumps

So as 2010 begins and stressed out brides and grooms to be wonder anxiously how to solve the childcare dilemma for their guests as wedding season approaches, a call to Tumbling Tykes might be just the thing to put the intendeds' minds at ease, and give them one less thing to worry about on their special day.

LATHAM Tumbling Tykes is a terrific local place for small kids to learn, exercise, and have fun under the supervision of well trained, caring staff. Their tiny charges are generally taught and entertained in a wonderfully kinesthetic fashion, with a whole host of fun playtime activities for small children under their roof.

´╗┐Wedding day childcare easily handled

of people who will be watching your children during the reception, Tumbling Tykes has an excellent staff of top notch, trained professionals. Myron explains that "all of [our employees] who currently work in our facility are either going to school for, or have graduated with, degrees that pertain to working with children. We are very particular about who we hire."

Louboutin Couple

Indeed, with families often spread out across the globe, it can often be an unexpected headache for the betrothed couple and guests with children alike to logistically and realistically plan for someone reliable to watch the wee ones. Small children can be fussy and bored at a solemn wedding ceremony, and the formality and sheer length of most wedding receptions can be overwhelming for little kids particularly when the festivities run far past their bedtime.

Myron. And in case you were wondering about the caliber Christian Louboutin Pigalle Follies

Louboutin Couple

Louboutin Couple

Louboutin Couple

When asked how Tumbling Tykes would handle a request for one of their employees to stay very late at night, since many wedding receptions have been known to last into the wee hours, Myron simply says "Our babysitters can do overnights or just stay as late as needed; all of the wedding services are really tailored to fit whatever is needed by the bride or their guest. The bride can hire us, or give our name out for the guest to call us directly."

Louboutin Couple

"A friend Louboutin Couple of mine organizes bridal shows, and she mentioned that she had heard of a wedding planner who hires babysitters for weddings." says Ms. Myron.

As for the activities that Tumbling Tykes plans for the children at these receptions, they can vary based on a number of different factors. Says Myron, "It depends on the service; if [our employees] are just babysitting, they will bring craft projects, books, and different toys or games. We have some themed babysitting service for certain groups of children, such as a princess theme for those, we would bring things like dress up clothes, make up, nail polish. If we are offering reception entertainment, we have lots of music and movement activities, a variety of games, a bubble machine, arts and crafts projects, and more; we do our best with children from birth to eight years old, but we can accommodate older children if need be."

"I thought that was a great idea; I did some research on the Internet, and discovered [similar services already] out there in the larger cities. During my research, I realized we could also offer entertainment at the actual reception, since we already offer a service that we call 'Parties On the Go,' where we go to someone's house or location of choice and run a child's birthday party. At [a wedding reception], we can [bring this concept along], set up in a corner or in a separate room, and run a reception strictly for the children. I mentioned the idea to my current staff to see if they were interested in being involved, and they all jumped at the opportunity" Myron continues.

It's a proud local business, run by dedicated entrepreneur and trained childhood education provider Stacy Myron, and Tumbling Tykes is doing well in the face of our current, infamous recession. So. how does this particular business branch out into the local wedding industry? (Not to worry; it doesn't involve binding toddlers in wedlock.)

Louboutin Couple

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