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Christian Louboutin Zoulou

saw the guy at the door and Christian Louboutin Mens Shoes White

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

They are also not disclosing what was taken, if anything. The man is described as being around 5'4" 5'5" wearing all black, and could possibly have his face covered in black as well.

Wausau Police say they are looking for the suspect in an armed robbery.

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

´╗┐Wausau Police Looking for Robbery Suspect

They say the suspect is still at large at this time.

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Christian Louboutin Zoulou

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

Merry Yang says her family has owned the Christian Louboutin Zoulou Wausau Christian Louboutin Trainers Uk Womens

when he saw me he threw the bag at me and told me to put the money in the bag. I did as I was told, but he screamed and said I was moving at a slow pace. That's when he cocked the gun at me and told me I had 30 seconds. I then finished up and he just left."

Merry says she did not get a good look at the man's face, but is certain the robber was of Asian decent from the way he spoke to her.

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

Oriental Food Store for more than 20 years. She was behind the counter when the thief demanded money. "I Alexander Mcqueen Sneakers Uk

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

Christian Louboutin Zoulou

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