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there's water, please have water," she said. Christian Louboutin Mens Spiked

´╗┐Water Woes at Misty Winds

She says her residents Christian Louboutin Ron Ron get no notice because neither does she.

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

"Showers, brushing teeth, going to the bathroom, making them breakfast, getting them ready," she described her usually busy mornings. "And pray to God that Christian Louboutin Shoes Uk Online

Elsberry says it started around 9 this morning.

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

Without warning, the water keeps getting turned off, daily, for hours at a time. Making what is usually a necessity, more of a commodity around here. Elsberry says, with no advance notice, she's crossing her fingers she wakes up with water tomorrow when the kids go back to school.

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

Wuerth did refer us to corporate, but they did not return the call. Tonight, the Manolo Blahnik Blue Wedding Shoes Ebay

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

complex does have water. Many are hoping that's still the case in the morning.

What's been more frustrating than the water woes, is trying to find out why. "They're saying it's because of the city main pipes. But then when you call the city for the main pipes, they're like, no, its because they're wanting to do maintenance on some body's homes," Elsberry said.

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

Community Manager Ann Marie Wuerth says it is a problem they are seeing a lot lately. "It's been a daily occurrence," 6 News asked. "It's been happening more often, yes, ma'am," replied Wuerth.

"We're having to deal with this continually, it's unreal," Elsberry said.

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

"We don't want to turn the water off, it's the 4 inch high pressure lines underneath the houses that are breaking and we don't get any warnings on those, they just burst," Wuerth explained.

She says the property may eventually install turn off valves so the entire property is not affected by those pipe bursts, but for the time being, if one pipe bursts all 300 or so units have to go without.

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

Christian Louboutin Ron Ron

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