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Part of the reason for the service's high public standing over decades has been its willingness to embrace change, and having a full and open debate has to be central to this process.

Up until now Cumbria County Council has realised the damage that the introduction of on street parking charges would do. Not any more! Budget Proposal, theme 4, proposition 29 of the county's draft budget will introduce parking charges, ticket machines and all the costs that go with it to several towns' streets. This would be disastrous for our High Streets and great news for the out of town supermarkets. In the long (and short) term it can only bring increased costs in its wake.

out for our councillors. Let's have a turkey shoot.

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on the county.

We nonetheless have to be responsible in how we conduct that debate. The accusation in last week's letters page that the fire and rescue service would falsely reclassify the risk rating of an area in order to justify the current proposals is therefore deeply disappointing. Our approach to risk assessment is recognised as good practice and has been consistent over time.

for empty shops and lost town centres is parking cost, usually caused by excess charging from short sighted councils.

´╗┐We need to rally round and halt on

Let's allow the county to take charge of all the major decisions, while implementing a town council for Whitehaven at the same time. A town council would have its eye on things that matter to the local population, such as public toilets, and a civic hall. Do we want to continue with failure after failure, or to start afresh, with a council that focuses solely on Whitehaven, and its people rather than picking the pockets of others?

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Moor Row


The county's fire and rescue service is in the business of putting prevention before cure and making sure it has the right people and equipment in the right place at the right time. Why should the people in these areas have money directed away from their own towns, into a dying, mismanaged town centre run by Copeland Borough Council?

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Time is running Christian Louboutin Mens Sale

Christian Louboutin Mens Low Sneakers

Copeland Borough Council has no money; the county has no money. We are suffering from a dysfunctional system. Change is needed to fix the situation that we find ourselves in. Bureaucracy will be cut; council tax will be cut by approximately 5.1million. This Christian Louboutin Mens Low Sneakers is surely, a no brainer. It's a win win situation for the hard working people of our county.

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It's worrying to hear of more monetary cuts being imposed on the county, by Cumbria County Council. 80million enforced savings, over three years by the county council will have a devastating impact on services. There is no doubt that the effect of these cuts will hit Copeland just as hard as other areas of the county. Those cuts will undoubtedly mean more money being taken from areas within the borough to pay the piper. However, turkeys don't vote for Christmas, do they? The turkeys our councillors are costing us, the taxpayers, a fortune. There are 384 councillors in Cumbria receiving allowances at our expense, clocking up debt Christian Louboutin Men

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Christian Louboutin Mens Low Sneakers

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SIR I have to express my sincere concerns about the capability and responsibilities of Copeland Borough Council and their elected officers following their recent decisions not only to close the Civic Hall but also on the garden waste collections.

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This proposal flies in the face of all of the studies done into High Street shopping decline in recent years. The number one factor Christian Louboutin Shoes For Men Black

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