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The girls all belong to the Guides pandas, caterpillars and penguins are the names of Christian Louboutin Leather Boots

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Certainly the girls of 1st Bishopdown Guides are brimming with confidence, as they tell me about the advantages the fairer sex have over boys.

Greater value is placed on friendships with other girls the older you get, according to the new survey. Seventy per cent of five to seven year olds, 73 per cent of seven to ten year olds, 81 per

It reveals a generation of young women who are ambitious, optimistic Christian Louboutin Wedding Shoes Uk

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

They were among the 3,200 girls and young women who contributed to Girls Shout Out!, a research report commissioned by Girlguiding UK which canvassed the opinions of Rainbows, Brownies, Guides and

environment where they can express themselves, form friendships and grow in confidence and self esteem.

Megan, 10, thinks girls make better friends than boys because they are kind and don't fight with each other.

"We can look good in trousers, shorts or skirts," agrees Katie.

happy to be so.

model category alongside

They were asked about equality and ambitions, politics and career choices, their role models, life online with all its temptations and dangers, and what was best and worst about being aAnnouncing the report, chief Guide Liz Burnley said: "As the UK's largest youth organisation, we are proud to provide a safe girl only space. Girlguiding UK has a unique responsibility to help

the various patrols and they have been focusing their thoughts on the finer points of being members of the

Dame Kelly Holmes is the top female role model, scoring a resounding 86 per cent among 16 to 25 year olds, with fellow sportswomen Dame Tanni Grey Thompson, Dame Ellen MacArthur and Paula

Girlguiding UK has a thriving membership in excess of 600,000 and the result of the survey is a fascinating snapshot of girls in our time and the issues shaping their lives.

other girls.

´╗┐we're female and proud From Salisbury Journal

Tilly, 10, points out: "Boys don't know how to say Sorry' girls do."

girls and young women speak out about the issues affecting them most today.

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

fair sex.

WHAT do pandas, caterpillars and penguins have in common? Well, if you ask the girls gathered on the mat in the Pavilion at Bishopdown Farm in Salisbury, the answer is that they are all female and

"At a time when young people are too often stereotyped, criticised and denied a voice, we hope that our report will be an opportunity for young women's voices to be heard."

Radcliffe also rating highly.

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

When she was a little girl, J K Rowling was a Brownie and then a girl guide, so she will no doubt be delighted that she is among the strong performers in the positive role Cheap Christian Louboutin Trainers Uk

senior section members to find out what they thought about being a girl.

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

Each UK region was asked to find ten Brownie or Rainbow groups and ten Guide groups who were willing to take part. As well as the 1st Bishopdown Guides, girls from 1st Mere Brownies and 1st

Stuckton Guides also added their voices to the 410 from the south west whose opinions were included in the survey's findings.

Hannah,13, says that true friends last all your life, while Katie, also 13, reckons you can trust girls more and communicate better than you can with boys.

"Better clothes," says Hannah.

cent of ten to 15 year olds and a whopping 96 per cent of 16 to 25 year olds like to spend time together without any boys being there.

When it comes to ways of spending their spare time, for instance, it Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale seems that girls just wanna have fun and, what's more, say the 1st Bishopdown Guides, the best people to have fun with are

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

and ready to grasp opportunities in the world with both hands. But it also demonstrates how much they value a girl only

Alexander Mcqueen Thigh High Boots Sale

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