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Jacobs said some of these issues seem like common sense, but Culley replied that the proposal for leasing the land for decades means these things need to be made clear, since others later might not share that same sense.

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After an executive session, the council announced that it Buy Christian Louboutin Shoes Uk

While the Legion has bought liability insurance for the range, what would happen if it let that insurance lapse, Culley asked, or if it had insufficient assets to pay for a lawsuit if someone is injured?

The Colorado State Engineer's Office has said that the augmentation ponds must be monitored, and that will require buying equipment that was not in the original plan, Holbrook said.

That was the message to the Wiggins Town Council from Tim Holbrook of Industrial Facilities Engineering at the monthly meeting Wednesday night.

´╗┐Water project construction continuing for Wiggins

The cost of the monitoring equipment should be a small fraction of that, Holbrook said.

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Legal work on a second water court application to add another nine shares of Weldon Valley water from Tom and Donna Deganhart to the water court case.

Legion spokesman Les Jacobs said he wanted to open up discussions to facilitate the lease as soon as possible so that construction could begin this spring.

Although the Wiggins water project has slowed due to recent weather, it should see a fair amount of activity over the next couple of weeks.

Water from both new wells were tested and the quality is as expected, and the water does not contain too much radium, he said.

"Shooting ranges are high risk activities," she noted.

Although the physical part of the project seems to be going smoothly, there are still issues the town must deal with, particularly concerning the Colorado water court and some state requirements.

Buying infrastructure from OWW for water discharge into the South Platte River was scheduled to close, but was extended to the end of February, Wiggins Town Administrator Bill Rogers said.

Also, the town must deal with a neighbor of the proposed augmentation ponds over his claim that they would overcharge the area groundwater and cause his property harm, Fendel said.

Construction on a water treatment plant at the site of the new town wells northwest of town was supposed to start Thursday, the same day work was to begin on a water gate for the augmentation ponds part of the project, he said.

and a Legion representative presented a proposed lease, but it had some things taken out of a another proposed lease, said Town Attorney Melinda Culley. She recommended that some of those stay in place, and she noticed new parts she had not had time to review.

Council members also decided to keep Fendel as water attorney despite a possible conflict of interest from work for the Orphan Wells of Wiggins earlier.

would go forward with a $20,000 payment to the ditch company for the work it will have to do for the project.

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Satisfying their requirements will mean doing some survey work, which will probably cost about $800, although that might be able to be combined with other survey work, he said.

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Ultimately, the question for the council is how much control it wants over the range, she said. It could have specific regulations such as the hours of operation or whether or not alcohol could be consumed at the shooting park of Christian Louboutin Brown the planned site.

Also, the town must verify the elevation of Interstate 76 downstream of the levy to show that the highway is not Buy Christian Louboutin Men Shoes

Christian Louboutin Brown

Next week or the week after, work will start again on the pipeline which will bring the water to the town from the plant, Holbrook said. Also, a traffic plan for boring under a highway to place pipes was approved by the Colorado Department of Transportation.

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Council members looked at a revised lease submitted by the Wiggins American Legion Post. This lease is proposed for a planned shooting range at what was once the town dump near the town farm. This is a 45 acre area.

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Christian Louboutin Brown

"It's good quality water," Holbrook said.

Part of the project is working with the Weldon Valley Ditch Co. for an agreement to divert and deliver water, or finding an alternative, said water attorney Rick Fendel. The council has had discussions with the ditch company board, but that must be firmed up.

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used to protect the town, Holbrook said.

Wiggins also has to recertify its flood levy with the Federal Emergency Management Agency, and Holbrook said he received some comments on some paperwork he sent to the agency.

That will slow the process down, as it will require some time to allow objections to the plan, Fendel said.

Wiggins has about $350,000 in its water fund to cover extra costs, said Wiggins Town Clerk Craig Trautwein.

A shooting range presents liability issues for the town. Although she did not want to quash the idea, it is important to make sure the town is protected, Culley said.

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